Spirit is Energy

“Come to understand that spirit is energy. Energy does not have life force if is not animated and replenished by life sustaining energy in the form Father provided as the waters of life. There is a difference in spirits.

There are those that are of the animated creation and those that are of the reanimated. Christ Jesus was originally “animated” because he was the first and only creation by Father. Then as Christ Jesus he ceased to exist in creation, but not so in Father’s memory.

At his resurrection he became a reanimation of the spirit world. However, there are holy angelic hosts that have never been reanimated because the have never been spent. The demons have all been reanimated more than once, including Dawn Lucifer. Christ Jesus shared in all things with mankind, even the need of reanimation. Each of you will be a reanimation, because at the rapture each of you will cease to exist except in Father’s memory, but in the twinkling of an eye you will be transformed through reanimation if you remain faithfully obedient to Father. The transformation will be so quick you’ll not know you were nonexistent for the moment your lives ceased in existence.

Now, reason out the rebirth into the spirit realm. To be reborn is to be reanimated in the spirit body which is energy. The vessel you presently possess is low vibrating energy. Your spirit within is connected to your vessel you inhabit. These are laws of nature. Reason further concerning the angels that connected their spirit energies to human vessels before the first wrath of the Great Flood. Once they committed themselves to those vessels they were connected up to a virtual death with them unless they dissolved the vessels and severed their chords. In this respect they were different, because you cannot sever your chord without causing complete death of both your vessel and your spirit energy. But because those angels were more than a human who has limited powers, they were able to dissolve and sever the chords to return to the spirit realm. Had Father chosen to not permit a searing of the spirit chord at the time they reverted back to the spirit realm, they would have been spent energy. As punishment for leaving Heaven and abusing their powers, Father halted their ability to transform energy into flesh and blood for a time. Dust is nothing more than energy. If you understood the transformation processes of altering energy then you could easily understand how those angels manipulated nature, for energy is nature in its many forms.”

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