The Truth is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Proverbs 2:6 “For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.”

From Father’s mouth (the words spoken in the Word) comes forth with a knowledge of Father and what life is truly about. Those true of heart to Father gain understanding and seek wisdom from the one the knowledge and understanding sprang forth from. The truth in itself is jigsawed into many pieces and spread out within the Word with multiple revelations that are all interconnected and all tied to one complete jigsaw puzzle that comes together with those that have received the wisdom of enlightenment.

“knowledge and understanding” first, because the heart must be receptive. Then followed with “LORD gives wisdom.” If you’ll reason out, you’ll come to an understanding why it must occur in this order. The knowledge is evident. Knowledge is what all writings contain. Next is taking in the knowledge, digesting it, then through meditation, an effort to derive the meaning of what you’ve digested. Since the Word is like no other writing in creation, because it explains the beginning of Father’s creative work of Michael, and Michael’s own creative works as the master craftsman down to the present day and beyond, it then requires insight from Father so that ” the capacity to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of” the Word’s deep intricately interwoven truth is all accurately placed in its correct slots that brings forth the wisdom of the ages that can come only from the aid of Father’s Spirit.

All of you ministers have come in contact with religious people that claim to understand the Word, but quite differently from what you have come to understand. Why so? The words they’ve all read and studied is the same words you’ve all read and studied. Yet their understanding is quite different than that of yours. So you see, to gain true understanding one must then gain wisdom from the One that originally gave the supernatural knowledge.

“supernatural >adjective 1 attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature. 2 exceptionally or extraordinarily great. >noun (the supernatural) supernatural manifestations or events.

A “force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.” This is why scientists and those that are not endowed with spiritual wisdom cannot comprehend the truth. Scientists seek to answer creation by a means that represents the intake of knowledge, study of the universe (creation) and reasoning on a fleshly level. But, they rely on worldly wisdom that is gained and not wisdom of the spiritual sense.

The worldly wisdom is Father’s nature as well as the altered age created by Dawn Lucifer’s rebellion. They lack the final equation in their pursuit. Father’s wisdom which is beyond scientific understanding, and is the Creator of the laws of nature in both realms of existence.

Can a brilliant scientist explain where you go at the time of death? They know the human vessel dies and rots away back to the dust it originally sprang forth from, but other than that they are mystified as to where the spirit returns to. Some do not believe a spirit energy exists. They simply do not believe in what they cannot comprehend. You have all pieced together many facts in the Word. You have come to understand that those that perish at a judgment do not receive transformation. They are exited from Father’s memory. Even so, the spirit they possessed returns to the One that had previously given them life. That spirit is no longer animated by the Life Pool. However, those that receive transformation are born anew by reanimation on the other side. Some to a delayed final judgment by being imprisoned for crimes committed while in their human vessels. While others are free to accept or decline Father’s offer of undeserved kindness. But in the final analysis, and whether or not life is granted or not upon leaving the fleshly plane at a vessel’s demise, all things belong to Father. What She has given She can take back because it rightfully belongs to Her. Those that have not been reanimated over the past centuries during judgments like that of the Great Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, Pompeii and other judgments that fell upon humankind throughout the centuries, the energy that was provided to sustain life was from Father. She is the giver of all life and the One that decides who shall live and who shall not.”

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