There is only One Path and One Truth to Salvation

Ezekiel 41:1-10 “Inside the Temple. Next he brought me into the great hall and measured the pilasters; on each side the width of the pilaster was 10 and a half feet. The width of the entrance was 17 and a half feet, and the sidewalls of the entrance were eight and threequarter feet [wide] on each side. He also measured the length of the great hall, 70 feet, and the width, 35 feet. He went inside [the next room] and measured the pilasters at the entrance; they were three and a half feet [wide]. The entrance was 10 and a half feet [wide], and the width of the entrance’s sidewalls on each side was 12 and a quarter feet.”

When you enter the Great Hall of Records in the spirit realm, it is treated with much respect and is guarded over inside and out by the Powers Order of Holy Angels. The things the Israelites built were symbolic of the real things that exist on the other side; at best, they were a poor facsimile of what Yahweh’s Only Begotten Son brought into existence.

Just as Moses was the first inspired author of the Word, Michael has filled volumes at the Great Hall’s repository of his pre-dawn existence; and yes, ‘dawn” is symbolic of the one that would cause the Great Hall to fill up with writings and visual messages about his rebellion. Mother Yahweh named him the Chief Adversary because through his own over-thinking and pondering of how things might be if Yahweh would submit to his way of thinking, he – without need of outside tempter, self-willed himself to go against what he knew was the Supreme Authority of creation; his cancerous venom that he’s unleashed upon creation has earned him that title.

This was not what Mother Yahweh wanted for any of Her intelligent creations; to have to suffer and prove themselves while enveloped in the evil Dawn has surrounded creation with; but because Dawn fired the first shot in this War, and he has proven on a large scale that he could pull people and spirits away from Father, that very premises demands that this issue be settled.

Those that are like Dawn in over thinking how things might ought to be, or how they feel they should be, by challenging the concept of the Truth over in over in their minds, when they have been taught that their is ONLY ONE PATH – ONE TRUTH – to Salvation, they subject themselves to the wide and spacious path that Dawn has opened up to those that follow in his footsteps. And that my friend, is why Yahweh continually examines the hearts of those that claim to be of Her family; as Dawn was a one-time member of that Holy Family, and he kept up his illogic reasoning, he was finally found out to be what he really was by his overt action. Dawn lacked faith in Yahweh’s ability to Rule in an orderly manner, because Dawn sought his own way of ruling; and Dawn has proven that without order and judicial commandments there is no order or peace in creation.

But what is faith? Is it religion? It’s actually 3 things combined:

faith >noun 1 complete trust or confidence. 2 strong belief in a religion. 3 a system of religious belief.
-ORIGIN Old French feid, from Latin fides.

So, if a Brother or Sister need strength in holding fast to the things they have learned and know to be the Truth, then those Brothers and Sisters that share in their faith to faith (an assurance of what they know to be Truth) of complete trust and confidence of Yahweh and Christ – they build up the one that has not as strong a belief as they should have; and, they explain through the use of the Word – how the system of religious belief that produces strength is all connected in Truth to having complete trust and confidence in what they have learned from the jigsaw puzzle pieced together within the Word.

Religion in the sense of the Word has nothing to do with man-made churches and traditional religious beliefs; unless the belief is founded in Truth, it is a false religion. The faith is actually a part of finding the Truth and then exercising that faith in trust and confidence of the One that opened their eyes to the real Truth that is not something masqueraded as truth, but is instead a lie that Dawn has perpetuated. And so, as Dawn spoke a lie in the Sacred Garden, he also spoke a Truth, so is it any wonder that half truths are what false religions are based on?

Dawn knew that by following up on his lie to Eve with a truth, he was lending authenticity to what he had lied about; this is how it works in false religious organizations; they tell some truth and twist the rest into many lies. They follow after Dawn their Father, because they have him or a GAC to aid them in making something appear to be the truth when it is really part truth and part lie; a reversal of how Dawn did it; start out with the basic Truth of Salvation through the Ransom Sacrifice, and then as the deeper meanings of the Scriptures come into play, twist the Truth to the way you want it; that is Dawn’s game in False religion.

Deuteronomy 30:20 “love the LORD your God, obey Him, and remain faithful to Him. For He is your life, and He will prolong your life in the land the LORD swore to give to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

Remaining faithful is a part of having FAITH; but you MUST be faithful to the RIGHT ONE; if we are faithful, but our faith is based in lies, we are candidates for anything but a prolonged life. So, being faithful – having faith – is all centered on learning and knowing what the Truth is.

Dawn had doubts and questioned Yahweh’s Way of doing things; others that are of the flesh, they fight a war of the mind – by looking for a flaw in Yahweh’s Truth that’s been taught to them; that’s what dawn did; just as he knew the Truth, he still persisted in over-thinking and rationalizing that he needed to know more things that were kept secret from all of the Holy Angels during his time as the Holy Covering Cherub and when he sinned, he spread his illogic reasoning of the Truth to other angelic hosts after he caused Eve to sin; then some of them began to question whether or not Father’s Truth was in deed the Truth; they lacked knowledge, and they reasoned that Dawn was correct because Yahweh was considered slow in respecting Her promise to execute the first human pair over the violation of Her Commandment to them.

Dawn was still on the loose, and this puzzled all of those angels that fell from perfection. But just as they did not comprehend that a 24 hour day was not a day in Yahweh’s own eyes, but was a day in Mankind’s – because they thought the thoughts of Man instead of Father, they took it to mean that Yahweh was less powerful than they first believed; here, Dawn again twisted the Truth, because he knew that Yahweh was powerful and could OFF him at any time; but Dawn was hoping to turn all of creation against Father, and that was his goal when he mislead the Holy Angelic Hosts in the beginning; but not all fell for Dawn’s empty arguments. Why so? Because of LOYALTY and FAITH in Yahweh; from faith to faith of those angels that remained loyal by unbuilding one another and reassuring them of the faith they had, they obeyed Yahweh’s Laws and they placed complete Trust in the One that trusted them first.

The ones that fell, they had lost their faith, because like Dawn, they let their minds probe empty reasoning and arguments that have no place in the order of Yahweh who is the Benefactor and Supreme Judge on what is right and what is wrong for Her creation. This was taken from writings at the Great Hall; I worded it to where it is plainly understandable without altering any of its Truth.


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