The Cherubic Order of Holy Angels

Disclaimer: The purpose of sharing this information is to dispel the myths that are out there in regards to the Cherubic Order of Holy Angels as well as to provide accurate truths to those visiting this site so that they may have a better understanding as to the Cherubic Order’s history and the part they play in the Spiritual War. The worship of Angels is STRICTLY prohibited.

The photos of these Angels that are included on this site and in my book are a GIFT. Proof has been given for those who may be lacking in Faith and/or to cement the Faith of those who already believe in the Father and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior so that they may in turn, have a better chance of obtaining eternal life.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will also find scriptural references that explain who the Holy Angels are and what their place in Creation is.

There are two sides to the Spiritual War that rages around us in an unseen realm.

Not only are there demons, there are angels as well. This article will serve to explain just one order of angels; the Cherubic Order. This is the order that protects me personally on a daily basis, and the order I have come to learn the most about. And, just to clear up any questions, it should also be said that while we ministers of the Light of Life Ministry worship ONLY Yahweh and His son, Jesus Christ, the Cherubic Order is always in the background watching over us and assisting us with our ministry as our benefactors.

Cherub (chr´b), plural cherubim, kind of angel. Cherubim were probably thought of in the ancient Middle East as composite creatures like the winged creatures of Assyria. In Jewish tradition, they are described (Ezek.10) as having four faces and four wings and also as beautiful young men; but late Christian art made plump children of them, as in Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. With the seraphim they are said to be in the very presence of God. The color surrounding them is traditionally blue and they are mentioned no less than 90 times in the scriptures.

Traditionally, when someone mentions cherubs, people imagine them to be cute chubby “cupid like” little babies with wings that are depicted in so many paintings around the world. In actuality, they couldn’t be more opposite; for the Cherubs are the “Warrior Angels” of the Heavens and the second-highest order, with the Seraphim being the highest order of angels. They are spoken of in the Bible no less than ninety times. In all, there so many orders of Holy Angels that to name them all would be an impossibility. In this article, I focus on those I have come to know best, through a personal relationship with angels of the Cherubic Order. It has been through this relationship that I have learned the following to be the truth behind the Cherubic Order, who they are and what they do.

In the beginning, God created the heavens. In between creating the heavens and the earth, he created the “Sons of God” also known as, the angels. What many people do not realize is that millions of years actually passed in between the heavens and the earth being created. So when it mentions in Job 38:7 “…all the sons of God shouted for joy” it was because they were there long before the earth was created.

The Cherubs were included in the makeup as part of the furnishings of the tabernacle set up in the wilderness during the time the Israelites were there. They were also used on the Ark of the Covenant, hammered in gold, facing each other. They were bowing to symbolize worship of the Creator. Each Cherub had two wings spread upward and were lapping over the cover top in a guarded protecting manner (Exodus 25:10-21 Exodus 37:7-9) In addition, the most inner coverings of the tent for the tabernacle and curtain that divided the Holy from the Most Holy had embroidered Cherub figures on it. (Exodus 26:1, 31. Exodus 36:8, 35)

At Ezekiel 10:14 their appearances are described as “Each one had four faces: the first face was that of a cherub, the second that of a man, the third that of a lion, and the fourth that of an eagle.” (Holman Christian Standard Bible) The Cherubs depicted were not grotesque or monstrous winged creatures like pagan nations depicted demonic monstrosities. When Ezekiel was instructed to lift up a dirge concerning the King of Tyre, he calls that king a glorious covering cherub that once was in Eden, the Sacred Garden of Eden; stripped of his beauty and made as ashes upon the ground. That was God’s future judgment for Satan, and it typified a like judgment for that King that thought himself a Cherub. (Ezekiel 28:11-19) Ezekiel also relates visions of the Cherubs in symbolic form. Ezekiel 1:5-28 as “living creatures.” Then he later identified them as Cherubs. (Ezekiel 9:3. Ezekiel 10:1-22. Ezekiel 11:22)

Because most of what is written in the Bible is symbolic, this is where the inconsistencies and misinterpretations between religions arise. Their description in Ezekiel is not literal, but symbolic. In actuality, the Cherubs do not actually have four faces. The first symbolic face is that of a Cherub (Their angelic look), the second as a man (because they are son’s of God), the third as a lion (because they are warriors) and the fourth of an eagle (because they see everything).” They are associated with the Creator’s own attributes that he has spawn or injected into His creations.

Genesis 3:24 mentions their role as being guardians of the garden of Eden, saying “He drove man out, and east of the garden of Eden He stationed cherubim with a flaming, whirling sword to guard the way to the tree of life.” (Holman Christian Standard Bible) This passage describes the first duty that was given to the Cherubic Order. They were the front line defenders of the garden of Eden. Since then they have had many duties, but this was their first assignment.

Satan himself was a Cherub, and he was the only Cherub to fall. His army of one-third of the heavenly hosts are made up of the lowest ranking order of angels. That rank was known in heaven as the “Celestial Order.” Aside from being messengers for the Archangel and the other orders of angels, their job also encompassed the care and maintenance of the physical universes that exist throughout creation. For this purpose, they were created. But the Cherubic Order, like the Seraphic Order, were created for special duties assigned by the Creator.

The Cherubs became the front line defenders prior to the Global Flood brought upon this planet by the Creator. After Adam and Eve were forced out of the Garden of Eden, the Creator ordered the Cherubic Order of angels to guard entry to the garden, and a flaming blade of a sword which was continually turning was to guard the way to the “Tree of Life.” The Cherubs could easily keep the human couple and their later offspring from entering the garden, but a stronger force was necessary in order to keep Satan away from the tree of life. If unhindered, he would have taken fruit from the tree and given it to Adam and Eve; so, the Creator made certain that did not happen.

As mankind grew in numbers on the Earth, Satan successfully tempted some of the Celestial Order of angels away from the Creator’s Organization. They materialized on this planet and married human women. It was no secret that they had been angels. They told the people of the pre-flood days what secrets they knew of Heaven. The marriages between the angels and humans, as well as the guarded secrets of the Heavenly Court being divulged, did not please the Creator.

Noah and his family were righteous in the Supreme God’s eyes…

They found favor with God; and as you well know, they were the only humans to survive the Great Flood. The waters of that flood not only drowned all living things that resided on previous dry ground, but it also took with them the secrets divulged by those fallen angels. In addition, the angels that materialized in human form, they were not of Mankind’s “one flesh.” Since Eve was taken from Adam, she too was from the same “one flesh” that Almighty God had created; but the fallen angels materialized a counterfeit flesh that did not represent his original creation, and the union between these counterfeit humans and the female offspring of Adam and Eve produced their own hybrid offspring. The fallen angels kept some of their superior attributes while taking fleshly form, and this produced the Nephilim sons that became “mighty ones.” Something else that made them stronger and mightier was that they ate animal flesh, which was not on mankind’s menu in that creative day and time. Mankind was only in its first thousand years, and it was soon to be wiped out, except for Noah and his family.

At this point the Cherubs received a new order from the Creator. Not only were they to guard the garden, but they were to now look after Noah and his family as well; for Noah was commissioned by Almighty God to preach to the human race. He was to warn of the coming flood; that they needed to follow his warning if they were to survive; namely, to board the Ark when told to do so. But he was also to preach a condemning message to the Nephilim and their wives, and the wives of the fallen angels, that the marriages were unholy unions; that the Nephilim were outcasts of Almighty God’s creation, and they would all perish at the flood without chance of survival. The fallen angels that had taken on bodies of flesh were not part of that judgment. They simply dissolved the bodies and went back into the spirit realm. There, they were metted out judgment by the Creator for their part in further corrupting mankind. But Noah’s message was very distressing to the Nephilim, their wives, as well as the fallen angels wives; so, it became necessary for the Cherubic Order of angels to provide front line protection to them during this preaching work and until the flood came and swept evil mankind away.

During those thousand years, countless tries attempted at gaining entry to the garden were thwarted. Many people, including angelic offspring died by the hand of the Cherubic Order of angels. Due to the flaming sword of the Creator, it was impossible for any of the fallen angels to raid the Tree of Life and retrieve the fruit for their wives; however, it should be noted that the fruit would not have benefited the Nephilim; they were not covered under the original covenant which mankind had with the Creator, since they (the Nephilim) were hybrids. But it would have benefited the fallen angels wives as well as the wives of the Nephilim. So, it was the Cherubic Order of angels that stood between them and the garden; and a holy flaming sword that protected the sacred tree.

In addition, the Cherubs were with Christ throughout his lifetime, guiding and supporting him in bringing the message of God to the masses. Today, those same Cherubs are front line defenders here on Earth. They have not yet been released from that duty. Currently their roles have to do with the Spiritual War that is raging within the spirit realm. While Satan and his army fights to keep prophecy from occurring, the Cherubic Order works around the clock to ensure that it does. And, like they protected Noah and his family, they’re doing the same thing today with all people that have faith in the Supreme Being – God, the Creator. For that reason, we should be very grateful to them.

The photos that you will view that were taken of members of the Cherubic Order are on the following pages. They manifested in Ceremonial Armor and with their human looks. They are not perfect photos as one might expect. There is a massive amount of energy used to manifest and this energy is also evident in these photos.

The purpose of this website as well as the book is to spread the Cherubic Order’s Messages to all of mankind in these End Times in preparation for the upcoming Rapture, Tribulation and Armageddon.

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