The Truth About Angels

What are angels? This question can even be extended to the fallen angels in their composition make-up of the material they are created from. Spirit-matter is composed of energy and a form of matter that none of us on this planet are familiar with. Holy Angels have assisted in performing God’s Will since Biblical times and it still continues to this day.

Hebrews 1:7. This Scripture tells us what angels are. It also makes it known that angels are each a direct creation. They are given birth in Heaven. This is the true home of all angels; and it’s one of the reasons Satan and his angels put up a fight to remain there. They lost, but it is still looked upon as home, even by the fallen angels.

Luke 24:39. Flesh and bones are not part of their physical makeup.

Matthew 18:10. Whose face in Heaven do the angels always behold?

Although not all Holy angelic classifications are listed in the Holy Scriptures, some are found there. The complete list is contained at the Great Hall of Records.

Jude 9 makes mention of the Archangel, Michael. His very title signifies that he arches out over all Holy Angelic Orders.

Isaiah 6:2. The Seraphs are just below the Archangel and second from the top in rank. They are endowed with the most sets of wings.

Genesis 3:24 cites the Cherubic Order at the time it was stationed on this planet. The Creator chose that Order because it was the one that Satan had belonged to.

Revelations 5:11. Daniel 7:9, 16. The number of Holy Angels that did not rebel against the Creator are given in the myriads and thousands. Only one-third eventually followed Satan in his rebellion against Sovereign Law.

Hebrews 12:22. In Heaven there is a “Mount Zion” and a heavenly city named Jerusalem. There, the Seraphs are garrisoned.

Job 38:4, 7. In this Scripture the angels are compared to “morning stars” and gives insight as to their having existed before the creation of the Earth.

Mark 12:25. This Scripture explains that those that pass over to the other side are composed of the same spirit-matter that angels are. They are spirits; that’s why I often refer to ghosts and angels as being spirits. The term applies to both.

2 Peter 2:11. Holy Angels are greater in strength and power because they still possess all of the powers given them; whereas Satan and his angels have been stripped of most of their powers. This Scripture also gives insight as to the respect shown by the Holy Angels toward their Creator.

Hebrews 2:6, 7. Psalms 8:4, 5. Reveals that Mankind is below the rank of the Holy Angels in physical make-up, yet our Creator cares just as much about all of us as he does his heavenly angels.

Psalms 103:20 The Holy Angels are subject to the Creator. They are mighty in power; they carry out His Word. They listen to His voice.

Psalms 148:2. The Holy Angels praise their Father. All Orders combined – they are His army for righteousness and the upholding of His Sovereign Laws.

1 Peter 3:22. Hebrews 1:6. Jesus Christ is the Commander and Chief of the combined Holy Angelic army.

Revelations 22:8, 9. Colossians 2:18. No angel is to be worshiped. They are fellow slaves of Christ.

Holy Angels can appear visible to humans. Luke 1:5, 11. Luke 1: 26-28. Luke 2:8, 9, 13. Judges 13:2, 3.  Revelations 1:1.

The Holy Angels uphold the Creator’s throne and His Sovereignty. Psalms 99:1. Isaiah 6:2, 3. Genesis 3:17, 24. The fact that 2 Kings 19:15 also cites that He is sitting upon the Cherubs reveals the part that they play in the War, and the assuredness that they are backed by the Creator in the fight for Righteous Rule. Ezekiel Chapter 10 gives more insight about the Cherubs.

Holy Angels represented the Creator and spoke in his name. Exodus 3:1-6. Acts 7:30-35. Moses also acted as a messenger of the Creator to the Egyptians (giving warnings) as well as to the Israelites (promising help from the Creator). Acts 7:53. Judges 6:12-22.

More Holy Angels as messengers: Genesis 22:11-17. Acts 7:37, 38. Judges 2:1, 2. 2 Kings 1:3. Matthew 2:13.

The Holy Angels perform services on behalf of the Creator’s earthly servants. Psalms 34:7. Acts 12:6-11. Daniel 6:16-22. Hebrews 1:7, 14. Matthew 18:10. Matthew 4:11. Luke 22:43. Revelations 7:2, 3. Genesis 31:11, 12. Genesis 48:15, 16.

The Holy Angels acted as proxy of the Creator – directed and protected ancient Israel. Exodus 23:20-23. Exodus 14:19, 20. Exodus 33:2. 2 Kings 6:16, 17.

The preaching work is performed under angelic direction. Revelations 14:6-9. Matthew 24:31. Matthew 25:31, 32. Acts. 5:19-21. Acts 8:26-35. Acts 10:1-22. Acts 11:13, 14.

The Holy Angels are executioners of divine judgment. Matthew 13:41, 42. Genesis 19:12, 13. Psalms 78:42, 43, 49. 2 Kings 19:35. Acts 12:21-23. 2 Thessalonians 1:6-8. Revelations 20:1, 2.

The Holy Scriptures offers more insight on Holy Angels. But this will help to fit most of the pieces concerning them and their place in creation.

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