Law Vs. Undeserved Kindness in this Present World

Prior to giving the Law to Israel, the faithful forefathers of the nation had hope in Yahweh; please read Acts 26:6, 7; Genesis 22:18; Micah 7:20, and 2 Timothy 1:3. The faithful looked for Father’s provision for life; isn’t that the hope we all share in – for eternal life? Even in this corrupt evil world we all live in, we prefer life over death do we not? But with the prospect of eternal life in the Kingdom, there can be no continuance of life without the following of Father’s Will, which is just another word for the Law of Father’s creation; Father is an orderly God, and She has requirements for Her Son’s Kingdom subjects, just as She has exampled with the ancient nation of Israel; in order to get into the Kingdom, Father moved the Law aside, but it will again be put back in place once the Millennium begins, and there will be new Laws to abide by in rendering Sacred Service to Father. To obey Father and follow her Law is to be in “The Way.”

The Faithful looking for Father’s provision for life, thought that when the Law was given in their day that it appeared at first that that would be the fulfillment of their hope; but to the contrary, the Law did what? It exposed them all as sinners before Father, and by making transgressions manifest, condemned all under it to death; this is why we’re all presently under “undeserved Kindness” children of the Ransom Sacrifice; please read Galatians 3:19 and Romans 7:7-11; the Law of Father was and is Holy, not bad; yet, by its very holiness and righteousness, it exposed the imperfections of those under it; please read Romans 7:12. Just as Father foretold through Her prophets, it was necessary for Her to bring a better hope for eternal life through Her Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ; thus, by setting the Law aside in this wicked world where being tested by Her archenemy makes following Her Law to the letter an impossibility; and thereby enabling those though caught in a world filled with sinners to put faith in Christ, and through him, to draw near to Father (James 4:8) so Father can also draw close to them, to come to know and better understand Her, for the opportunity of Salvation to work within those that are still a slave to a sinful world of Dawn’s making. Please read Hebrews 7:18, 19; Hebrews 11:40, and compare Jeremiah 31:31-34.

You enter the Kingdom by underserved kindness; then you show your appreciation by coming back under Law; keep in mind that Adam and Eve were originally under Law and broke it; in the Kingdom, we will have come full cycle; however, the undeserved kindness does not extend to transgressions that go beyond Adamic sin; therefore, the boundary of Salvation provided by the Ransom Sacrifice can be overstepped without Law being in place; that’s why the warning was given at: Matthew 12:31, 32; Hebrews 6:4-6, and Hebrews 10:26-31. Why is that so? Because those that overstep the boundary, or refuse to accept Christ in their hearts, or any number of other reasons for being rejected by Father – it puts them BACK UNDER THE LAW of Judgment – the coming Wrath. Release is only affected through Christ; the heart read by Father tells the outcome of each of us.

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