Accepting Yahweh’s Forgiveness

Job 31:5-10
“5 If I have walked in falsehood
or my foot has rushed to deceit,
6 let God weigh me with an accurate balance,
and He will recognize my integrity.
7 If my step has turned from the way,
my heart has followed my eyes,
or impurity has stained my hands,
8 let someone else eat what I have sown,
and let my crops be uprooted.
9 If my heart has been seduced by [my neighbor’s] wife
or I have lurked at his door,
10 let my own wife grind [grain] for another man,
and let other men sleep with her.”

Father wants everyone listening to Her voice to have a balanced view. You must not go overboard. Your ties to your human flesh and those ties to the spiritual concept are always in conflict. They will be that way until you are well advanced within the Millennial rule that fully teaches the way of our Father’s divine plan.

“6 let God weigh me with an accurate balance, and He will recognize my integrity.”

Father does not expect you to have reached perfection at this point in this age you’re living within. It is the next age that teaches and furthers the path to perfection. Sinning willfully is what Father does not want. But you cannot stop to analyze every single thing you do and say. If you did, you would become bogged down in your ability to function daily. Father recognizes the pitfalls of being under outside tempters, whether they be demons or converts. Your job is not to analyze every aspect of your life in this present age. Your job is to to pray that you do not come into temptation, then if you do, you again pray that you be delivered from its clutches. You cannot escape your coworkers in this age. You cannot browbeat yourself for every thought or action you try to reason out as to whether it pleases Father and Christ or not. Father will guide your footsteps, and when you stumble, and you will, you use what has been freely given to remove any reproach from yourself before Father: The ransom sacrifice is the gift. You cannot be in this age you’re living within and not stumble daily.

Psalm 62:9 “Men are only a vapor; exalted men, an illusion. On a balance scale, they go up; together they [weigh] less than a vapor.”

All is an illusion of this age. Nothing of this age will be anything less than vapor in Father’s eyes. This is the opposer’s age. When it ends, the illusion of lies and false beliefs will be taken away like vapor rising into the air. No one is exalted above Father. All are mere vapor in Her eyes. The only salvation comes through trusting in Father and Christ Jesus, but you must not re-crucify Christ each and every time you stumble by analyzing and condemning your own self over and over. You ask for forgiveness if you have committed a trespass, and you ask for forgiveness if you’re not certain you’ve committed a trespass. In doing this, you end your daily prayers to Father by including this petition. Forgiving others that might have trespassed against you, and asking that Father forgive any trespass you might have committed. In doing so, you are using the undeserved kindness in the correct way, because you have come to terms with the fact that each of you sin irregardless in daily life. Any person that says they do not sin is a liar. Father knows and recognizes the frail human makeup you all possess. You cannot live in this present age and not sin, but keep a balanced view. Father knows that each of you are working to wards putting on the new personality that will become a reality during the Millennium. For now, just do your best, but don’t become fanatical in your thinking. None of you have yet been weighed and found to be TEKEL.

Daniel 5:27 “TEKEL [means that] you have been weighed in the balance and found deficient.”

None of you are deficient. You are imperfect, but you are striving to wards perfection, so stay balanced and do not become over zealous. Perfection for each of you does not exist on this side of the Millennium.

“He will recognize my integrity.” INTEGRITY is the single most important thing each of you have. Keep your integrity to Father and Christ and you will be in the next age. Go back and read about Christ Jesus when under test. He maintained his integrity. Where he was and is perfect, none of you are, but in common, he taught you about holding your integrity to the only One it matters to. For now, integrity will suffice for perfection. Perfection comes later.

The final and completed fulfillment of Father’s promise to bring into existence that of a new earth, which all of you are witnessing the birth of by the altering of this planet’s climate and land mass changes is like that of a progressive state. Father works in progression. Just as the earth is progressively changed, so to are all of you in a slow but steady pace of progression. Look to the heavens and all of Father’s creation. Nothing happened quickly. All things are borne out in a slow but ongoing manner. This is Father’s way. In olden times, the human craftsmen recognized that anything worth building required much time and effort in order for it to be a worthwhile project and to be lasting into another era of time. Antiques that have survived hundreds of years were made with precision and much tender care. This is a God given talent to Her earthly subjects. The Opposer brought fatty fast foods, shoddy merchandise, fast living, all part of his own way of thinking. Those thoughts were passed on to the people of this world. As Dawn Lucifer sought a different lifestyle from what he was given, with a desire to accumulate possessions, whether they be human or angelic. Whether they be a planet with a throne offering materialism to his followers, it is all merely energy offered in different states of vibration. Alchemist knew that lead could be altered into gold, and so they sought the formula to effect the change in low vibratory energy being mutated, but if the present opposing faction on this planet could turn every ounce of lead to gold, could turn every rock to pure silver, it would not be considered anything more than vaporous energy of no value to Father. Riches are worth less than integrity to the One that is the source of all energy in our existence. Dawn Lucifer in part was vatted of pure gold, but his gold is worthless in Father’s eyes. The gems he’s endowed with were once considered radiant, but now they have lost their luster in Father’s eyes. Wealth to Father is those that remain faithful to Her and Her Son, no matter how many times they stumble. Christ is there to pick up anyone that clings to him and our Mother of creation. No matter how many times you feel you have overstepped the boundary of good and evil, if you still love Father and Christ, they faithfully remain in unified love with you.

One who steps into an act of sin need only pray for forgiveness. It is those that practice sin that Father condemned from the beginning of rebellion. Dawn Lucifer is a practicer of sin. Him and his spiritual followers knew the way of Father, but they chose an alternate course, and because no forgiveness was possibly for those once perfect creations, they chose to try and win a war so that sin could continue. They will soon be history, but those of you that are the offspring whom were born into sin by no choice of your own, you have a Helper. Christ Jesus is here for all of you, and for all of those in this sinful world that seek him and Father in truth. Each day could be the last day for any one of you. But if you pass over from this plane of existence to that of the spiritual plane, your integrity will be what sanctifies you. No wealth, no argument of what you feel things should really be like on the other side. Just truth and conviction to do what was part of your stewardships before crossing over to the reality of Father’s family in the heavenly court. Therefore, your duty includes that of sounding the kingdom message and warning of the judgment that remains upon those that fail to seek Christ and Father in truth. This you have remained in faithfulness to Father’s command. It is a fight to the conclusion of this wicked system of things fermented by those that oppose Father. By your works you are proving your integrity to Father and are counted worthy as part of Her family.

By your steadfast faith, you are able to perform your works. They each go hand in hand. Your works prove your integrity. Your faith is the foundation of your works. If any one of you crosses over before the rapture, you will find that your work to Christ and Father continues on the other side. Whether you be of the angel elect or a holy ghost, each part of Father’s family shares in the work of bringing Her divine plan to completion. Because you’ve all delved deeply into the truth you are held to a higher degree of knowledge concerning what is really going on in this spiritual war. Where some learn of the truth on the other side after passing over, you have all been privileged to learn beforehand. With knowledge comes responsibility. Father has chosen wisely in revealing Her truth to you stewards. You walk in both faith and works just like Christ Jesus did. Therefore, you are his footstep followers on the narrow path he forged.

This planet earth is out of perfection. To “ruin” as spoken of in the Word is to bring something out of balance with Father’s scales of perfection. Just as this earth was ruined back during the pre flood days, so to has it been brought to ruin in this present age. The misuse of this planet’s purpose and resources can be compared to the misuse of the human element in bringing its own flesh to ruin by using minds and vessels for improper purposes. In this we mean, seeking wealth over spirituality. Spreading violence that takes away from utilizing the earth for what it was intended for, which in part was to plant and harvest, and to tend the planet like a large garden to feed its inhabitants. Not to misuse its resources such as in production of war equipment, vehicles that pollute the precious atmosphere with the misuse of burned off carbons and toxins that are produced as a bi-product of the intermixed conglomerate of this planets materials that are being depleted. Every step mankind has taken has been a step farther away from Father’s intended purpose. In Father’s scheme of things, all things are normally recycled for the benefit of creation as a whole. Even the ash of burnt wood serves to nurture the ground from which all of your vessels came from. But though Father created trees for fuel and other beneficial purposes, they grow back under Father’s divine wisdom for a new harvest that is part of the ongoing cycle. Mankind having altered this planet’s purpose is responsible for Father’s intervention to refresh this planet and bring it back into line with Her original purpose. Just as the earth became ruined in the pre flood days and Father altered its surface by fury from Her throne, She again uses fury to refresh this planet. And just as she wiped out a world of ungodly people of the pre flood world She again repeats the event, but this time in a slow but progressive manner that will soon snowball as the entire circumference of this planet is changed forevermore back to what it originally was. To again canopy this planet with a swaddling band of vaporous water, the ice must all be melted. As the ice melts and the atmosphere becomes heavier with the waters that are evaporated and uplifted as water vapor, the earth will become interact with more volcanic activity to begin the process of creating the canopy to trap the moisture in the upper atmosphere. This is why no worldwide flood can ever occur again even though the polar ice caps will all become extinct. By using mankind’s own blundering misuse of this planet Father brings Her will into harmony. This was Father’s plan when She flooded this planet long ago and then froze the excess waters. She knew the path mankind would take, and so She has held those waters in reserve in the form of ice until these end times.

Genesis 1:7 “So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above the expanse. And it was so.”

The expanse is what is about to start taking form. If you’ll all look to the Word of when this planet was first created, you will see that the recreation or refreshing of the earth will again be as it was in its original start. What some people believe is a violent shift in the weather patterns for the worse is in truth for the better for Father’s future inhabitants of this earth. Though the process will help to eliminate millions of people not in Father’s grace, it is a necessary component in renewing the surface of this planet. In order to fully accomplish this, Father must remove Her Son’s seed to safety. But not only the human element, for just as it was in Noah’s day, a select number of the animal kingdom will also be raptured to safety. Those that remain behind are a necessary element in helping with the eating of human decaying vessels that will be the aftermath of the cup of wrath being poured out upon those that have not perished during the tribulation period.

Father’s commands to not only mankind, but those given to Her animal kingdom have been interfered with by humankind. Father’s command was to multiply and become many. That command was never lifted. Mankind uses abortion and other means to override Father’s commands. By neutering animals they make Father’s commandments as though they are invalid. If mankind was in harmony, there would be no over-population problem. But because of greed and misuse of this planet they have created the problem. As a penalty against mankind for seeking to invalidate Father’s will, She has given them an abundance of pestilence. They cannot halt the rat infestations. They cannot halt the insects that do crop damage without poisoning their underground water supplies and poisoning their crops. Yet, there was a time when all things were in balance and no need of pesticides existed. Mankind traded one hindrance for another. In doing so they have poisoned this planet, but Father has intervened to bring Her property back into harmony with Her will. What they have sown, so shall they reap upon themselves. A bitter bounty. Listen to the wind. Listen to all nature that surrounds each of you. Father’s anger is evident. This is why you all must be removed from this planet until Father has concluded Her covenant promise with this earth. She swore it would last forever, and now She’s bringing Her promise and oath to bear.

Genesis 1:9 “Then God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear.”
And it was so.”

Father is again gathering the waters into one place in a canopy in a progressive manner. Genesis 6:17 “Understand that I am bringing a deluge—flood waters on the earth to destroy all flesh under heaven with the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will die.”

Father wants those listening to understand Her purpose of doing whatever She does.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.”

What existed before in the earth’s state of perfection will again become a reality. What was done to achieve that feat will again be done.

As with the human element gone astray there is good as well as evil. This is why Christ said that even the worldly person shows love to their children, and how much more love will the heavenly Father show Her children? When we look upon the evil class in the spirit realm we are looking at those trying to survive. They know they’ve wronged their Creator whom holds the balance of individual existence in Her hands, and though some feel it is unfair, it is Father’s way. She must set examples in order for Her Son’s seed as well as the angelic class to come to an understanding that Her laws are for a reason, and those laws must be followed or this will be the outcome for future rebels. But Father also knows that time itself can dull the senses. This is why once you’re all brought to perfection that another final test must be brought to bear. One thousand years without an outside tester can make a person over confident in their position with Father’s family. Dawn Lucifer had existed millions of years before he sinned. But just as it is now, those that sin after the Millennium will be dealt an eternal death blow. That future event will end all outside testing. From that point on all must keep a guard over their heart to remain in existence. Never leave the path Father has laid out. Treasure the laws you learn and write across your heart for eternity. If you all do, you will be happy and live in the abundance of peace that’s been the divine plan from the beginning of creation.

Though Father gave laws, it is not Her will that anyone should be lost. But because She’s forced to follow Her own laws, because if She did not then they would be invalid, She must do what She has spoken into law. And when we all consider that Her patience in not bringing the wrath immediately is so that those Adamic offspring might not perish, it gives us an in depth understanding of how Father has managed to delay Her own law of execution on the wicked without violating Her authority. It is the act of mercy tempered with eventual justice for all. When Father says She’s long suffering, it means She’s suffering within Her heart for what has to eventually take place. Father’s love is the love of a mother to Her children. She never wanted this outcome in creation. This is why Father will show no mercy to those of perfection that spoiled Her divine plan in the beginning. The cost was to high, and is why She gave all She had in exchange for humankind without perishing Herself. To Mother Yahweh, Michael the Christ Jesus was Her first love in eternity. With him a family emerged. Father’s love spread, but Dawn Lucifer did not appreciate his own Creator nor that of the position She entrusted to him. As a result of being jealous, he brought all of what presently exists upon creation. For that, him and his kind must pay the extreme penalty, even if Seraiah must proxy to finish what he had no stomach to bring to completion. And that is why I say there is both good and evil on the opposing side. What has been started must be finished, and it takes a special personage to fill Dawn Lucifer’s position to bring Father’s will to completion while opposing Her side.

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