Yahweh – Following Her Own Science of Creation

Some people are under the impression that an Almighty God must not be in need of angelic helpers, and certainly not in need of a celestial chariot to ride around on. This is part of a list of things some people cite as being part of a limited god’s abilities.

The truth of Yahweh the Greatest and Grandest God of creation, is that She has no need of anything. But, Father is not only our gracious Creator and life sustainer, but is also the REVEALER of all knowledge. Part of Her vast knowledge concerns science.

Father follows Her own scientific creation in doing many things. When Father veers off from the normal operation of something, that in itself defies the science She’s created, it is for a very good reason, and it is called a MIRACLE. One such case:

Daniel 3:19-21 “Then Nebuchadnezzar was filled with rage, and the expression on his face changed toward Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. He gave orders to heat the furnace seven times more than was customary, and he commanded some of the strongest soldiers in his army to tie up Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and throw them into the furnace of blazing fire. So these men, in their trousers, robes, head coverings, and other clothes, were tied up and thrown into the furnace of blazing fire.”

If you read on, you know they were unharmed, but science was followed in that those that threw those three men in were killed from the heat of the furnace.

” 25 He exclaimed, “Look! I see four men, not tied, walking around in the fire unharmed; and the fourth looks like a son of the gods.”

Michael was the 4th that saved those three. He did it in place of Father, but with Father’s power and blessing to do so, a miracle was performed that defied science.

“22 Since the king’s command was so urgent and the furnace extremely hot, the raging flames killed those men who carried Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego up. 23 And these three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego fell, bound, into the furnace of blazing fire”

Here, we see that Father did not protect those that were not within Her range of protection. She chose to let Her science of heat take its toll on their vessels.

Another example of Father following Her own science of creation (cause and effect) coupled with a miracle are played out in this case:

Luke 8:54-56 “So He took her by the hand and called out, “Child, get up!” Her spirit returned, and she got up at once. Then He gave orders that she be given something to eat. Her parents were astounded, but He instructed them to tell no one what had happened.”

The raising of a dead vessel whereas the spirit of the deceased person was returned to that vessel is certainly not normal science that occurs daily. In the case of anyone dying, they (their spirit), are severed from the vessel and it decays back to dust over a period of time. But a miracle was performed by the power of Yahweh through Her Son Christ Jesus. However, science was coupled with this incident. What is science?

“science >noun 1 the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. 2 a systematically organized body of knowledge on any subject.

-ORIGIN Latin scientia, from scire ‘know’.”

A study of science gives knowledge. If you study fire and heat then you know that it can burn you or even kill you. This is scientific fact that cannot be denied. So, when something happens that alters the expected outcome, it is deemed a miracle. The science is altered.

In the above passage of the Book of Luke it states: “Then He gave orders that she be given something to eat.” This is something you can reason out. Nourishment is needed to sustain a vessel of flesh and blood and to motivate the digestive process. Her blood had not been circulating and was now doing so in the oxygenating process as she breathed once again. She was again in unity with her flesh and blood and her spirit was returned, so it was seared back to its tether to her body. Also, something else important enough that she should eat because of her having been dead. It was to get her bowels moving again. In these things Father permitted Her science to again take dominance over the previously dead person’s vessel.

So, why does Father use angelic messengers, chariots for Her presence, and other things that seem mundane for an all powerful God to employ? The reason is quite simple. Father permits Her creations to share in life. It is the very reason Father came up with the idea to have intelligent life forms in Her creation. She wants a shared unified family of creations that have had experiences they can look back upon. It is one of the reasons She permits angelic hosts to serve Her, and holy ghosts, as well as humans that are still tethered to their vessels of flesh and blood. But, Father’s science is not obsolete. Where it can be used without need of intervention, it is used. It is all part of Father.

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