Transformation via Father’s Intervention

When anyone leaves this visible world they leave everything behind but their celestial energy which is transformed into a spirit life on the other side. Your celestial energy is within your fleshly makeup, but if Father did not permit  transformation at the point of being severed from your flesh and blood vessel you would totally perish. Case in point is that of Christ Jesus. You know he had celestial energy because he revealed it to his disciples at the transfiguration while yet alive on earth prior to his sacrificial death. His death revealed that celestial energy can die with the human vessel if Father’s Spirit does not intervene. Yet, even though his celestial energy had perished as spent energy, he was later reanimated to life. In this, you can come to understand how the fallen angels would have perished at the great flood if they had remained attached to their human vessels. Life on the other side at the time of any death, whether you perish in flesh and blood form or that of spirit, is dependent on Father’s will and action on Her part. Just as Christ was not reanimated until a time of Father’s choosing, revealed that no transformation comes without Her intervention. Those fallen angels risked an early judgment to eternal death that would have been shared with those of mankind outside the Ark of safety because they had broken law and Father could have easily permitted them to have remained in death. Just as Christ transfigured to his spiritual body for his disciples, this is exactly what the fallen angels performed when they shed their fleshly vessels to return to the spirit realm, but failed to have the ability to manifest back to flesh and blood. In Christ Jesus’ example to his disciples, he, by aid of Father’s power was able to go beyond his flesh and blood and back again. This was a sign of his ability to become spirit or flesh that they would later witness. He ended the transfiguration and was totally flesh and blood on the surface once again. Then when he was resurrected, Father reanimated his celestial energy only. His powers as the Archangel were again restored. With angelic power he was able to transfigure his celestial energy back to flesh and back to spirit at will, the same thing he exampled at the transfiguration. This power was stripped of the fallen angels because they had abused it. Once they reentered the spirit realm they could no longer materialize until Father permitted that action in this spiritual war.

As I said earlier, transformation to the other side has no need of the things in this old world. That is why you are born into it with only Father’s blessing of a hope for eternal life, and is why you leave all else behind, because the things in this age are not of Father’s will. Therefore, they are unimportant. Like a sinking ship, if you make it to land with only your life (eternal life), you have the most important thing Father provided you with. All else is excess baggage, and this is why Christ warned against storing up worldly possessions. First, attain eternal life and then all other things will be a blessing from Father. Even your present life should be regarded in the same way, as worthless if it has to lay in balance of standing by the truth or buying a little extra time in an evil age by following the path Judas laid out. If you lose it over Father and Christ, Father will give you back your life. No one but Father can make that promise and keep it.When Christ resurrected those deceased humans on earth prior to his sacrifice, Father used Her power to not only reanimate their internal energy, but also the flesh they had been born in. This revealed Father’s ability to restore all things She desires through Her great power. Even though those resurrected people all eventually perished again, it served as an example of who actually has the power to reanimate. In all of the demonic history of mankind’s misery of deaths they have never been able to reanimate anything. This revealed that Dawn Lucifer and his fallen angelic forces as well as the converts are dependent on our Creator every bit as much as all life in our existence.

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