Exposing the Designs of the Enemy

2 Corinthians 2:11 so that we may not be taken advantage of by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his intentions.

James 4:7 Therefore, submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.

Jesus as the example; what do we really understand about Christ, besides the fact he was a good teacher and the Sacrificial lamb? Jesus gave the KEY of how to resist Dawn and his demons by being personally tested himself; if Father permitted Dawn himself to test Jesus, then why should we be any less tested on a personal basis, and up close? When Dawn went to Jesus to test him, why did he not try to kill him at that time? There was a reason, and we know he tried to kill Jesus when he was a baby, by creating a UFO (called the Star of Bethlehem ) to lead the wise men to Christ for that purpose. But, what happened when those wise men went to find Jesus? Father’s angels intervened and spoke to them.

What was Dawn’s message to Jesus in the way of testing him? Dawn knew Jesus was Michael; he also knew that as Michael the Word, he Michael was the one that actually created him as Father’s master worker; but Michael had now been born of flesh through the Davidic line of Adamic mankind as Jesus Christ; Dawn knew at that time that Jesus was connected to the flesh as much as he had ever been connected to his Celestial energy before coming to Earth; the spirit of Father seeks to good, but the flesh is weak; Dawn recognized this fact from earlier studies of the flesh; so Dawn knew to work on what? What does the body crave? What could have made Jesus’ life temporarily easy? If Jesus chose the easy way, who would he be worshiping instead of Father? And if he worshiped Father’s arch enemy, what would he gain from doing such a thing? And, why was it possible for Dawn to make the offer he did to Jesus if he worshiped Dawn?

Jesus did not dispute his offer by saying “You don’t own the kingdoms of this planet.” Why did Jesus answer the way he did to the offer Dawn made as a last ditch effort to gain Jesus as a confederate? Dawn proposed three things to test Jesus with; 1) Bread represented the need of the human vessel to eat and become satisfied; keep in mind that Jesus had fasted (went without food) to prepare himself for this test; we’ve all felt what Jesus was feeling; have any of you ever gone to the grocery store when you were famished, and bought more food than you intended to? Or, went to a restaurant craving food so badly that you thought you might never get served quickly enough? This is how hungry Jesus vessel had become; Dawn knew this; so, he used the vessel’s craving to try and get Jesus to sin; and to try and make Jesus think Father was inadequate, he told Jesus that if he was really the Son of God, he should be able to do what with stones to relieve his hunger? Now THINK – what is all matter composed of? Dawn was saying: “If you’re really Michael, the first and only creation by Yahweh, then you know how to transform matter into food.” That’s what he meant; Dawn was trying to get Jesus to perform a miracle that he knew Father would not approve of, and since Jesus was now in the flesh and had no power except that of what Father permitted in that human condition, Dawn was hoping he would try to turn the stones to bread and that father would not cooperate in performing the miracle; then, Dawn would offer to feed Jesus as his benefactor; but Jesus answered him how to that test? Why did Jesus answer in that way? Did Jesus know that bread (or any vessel food) was not what a person really needs for eternal survival? Wasn’t more at stake than simply filling his stomach to satisfy a present need? And if Jesus had not suffered the hunger and filled his vessel with nourishment, then where would the value of the test been? If no need existed, then there would have been no validity for Jesus refusing to ask Father to do what Dawn suggested; instead, what was Jesus imparting to Dawn?

Was it that Father is the source of eternal life, and not mere organic food? And that Jesus would suffer the hunger pains to make a point that all hinges on every Word that comes forth from Father? That possibly Dawn failed because he sought to fill the present need of his own internal hunger to be like Father? That because Dawn sought his own internal needs, that he fed himself the bread of future eternal death? So, did Jesus take credit, or give it to his Father, and put things into Father’s hands to see him through the testing period by Dawn himself, because at the end of the tests, Jesus received what from Father holy angelic hosts for holding his integrity to Father? Christ answered “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.” Because if he chose all that Dawn offered, he would be accepting Dawn’s offer and therefore accepting a bribe from evil. Christ knew that Father would provide him everything he needed but to make that err in judgment in the middle of temptation would have changed everything and there would be no Ransom Sacrifice for the rest of humanity. Also, Christ knew he would be the example for generations to come. He resisted also showing that temptation can be successfully overcome. He said what he said to SHOW us how to overcome it and the right attitude that will get you through what Dawn throws at you.

In another test, Dawn sought to get Jesus to put Father to the test; Father is NOT EVER tested; Dawn was saying that if he was harmed from the fall, then Father was a liar, because Father had given his holt angels a charge over Jesus to watch over and protect – just like he does with all of you; and even though Jesus had a Shield, was he tested anyway? And if he had hurled himself down from high, would Father have protected him? Or, was Jesus smart enough to know not to test his Creator? Father offered protection, but if Jesus willfully tried to harm his own self to prove a point to Dawn, would that have not been suicide on Jesus part? And did Jesus not say you are not to put Father to the test? What was Jesus trying to impart to those that would read of that test? You can’t test the Creator. Father’s Word stands on its own. Father is the origin of Her Words, of us, of Satan…of everything that is in creation. How do you test the God with no origin? I mean really….what is the point? Except your own human shortcomings and lack of knowledge and understanding. That is why we have Faith. We both use our Faith and rely on it…or we don’t and we fall away.

In the final test, Dawn offered a short cut to Kingdom rule; Dawn knew Jesus had been promised a Kingdom if he was successful; why could Dawn offer Jesus the kingdoms (nations) of this planet? Was it because Father had placed Satan as the Guardian (Governor) over this planet and mankind at the beginning of Adam and Eve? If that is the case, then Dawn owns this world until it is taken away from him
by force; why the need to forcibly take it away? Could it be because through the testing of this last generation that Dawn has many confederates at his side in the human family? And if Jesus had accepted Dawn’s proposal and worshipped him, and Dawn made him his prince over his earthly domain, then what would Dawn have become to his maker? Would the formed clay have become the potter? Because keep in mind that Michael created Dawn; Dawn knew that Jesus was in the flesh and had now entered the realm of fleshly thoughts coupled with spiritual thoughts; so, did Dawn hope that as a human Jesus would want to end his own suffering and take the short cut just to get a kingdom? You have to keep in mind kids, Dawn was offering a position as a Prince or King to Jesus – not merely as a confederate that served him; in essence, Dawn was saying he could rule over his dominion, but the price was to accept Dawn as his god; in doing such a thing, it would have meant that Jesus had succumb to sin for willful desires of the flesh, and for that of power to be shared with Father’s arch enemy. Failure on Jesus part would have been another score on the chest board for Dawn to live; but if Christ had failed, Father would have sent another Savior to test, because Father’s Will cannot be thwarted in Her over all plan for creation; like father told Moses in the wilderness, even though Father promised Abraham his line would be successors to the promised Kingdom, that Father would blot them all out and bring the line through Moses; this was because though one path failed, Father would resume and take Her plan another alternate path without halting until Her plan is completed for creation.

So, what are Satan’s designs? Dawn and his demons have been studying Mankind through each successive generation on this planet; they know more about how we think and feel than any master human psychologist; they work off NEEDS; they take God given things like sex and food – Yep and they subvert and twist those needs to try and lasso each of us; love verses sex; moderate verse being a glutton; if we over feed our vessels, what are we really doing? Aren’t we cultivating a desire for organic food over all else? And though over eating is not a gross sin, what happens when you’ve become addicted to organic food and can no longer satisfy that need? What happens when times get lean, and Dawn comes on the scene as the Antichrist and offers to fill that past addiction if you play ball with him? And then sex, which has been twisted around as a fulfillment of doing it merely to gain pleasure, without thought of it being love for the mate, what does that say about the defiling of Father’s gift to us – our vessels? Is it not misuse? And Dawn, he knows the more sin is practiced, the more it becomes deeply rooted in those that become slaves to it; whether it be a slave to food, or a slave to an act that gives short term satisfaction, no one is truly satisfied by those addictions; like drugs that give highs of utopia in the beginning stages, are they not turned into nightmares as the vessel dehabilitates and slowly dies from the sinful misuse of organic compounds injected, inhaled, or ingested on a daily basis – to the point that one will steal to keep up the addiction? And those in twisted sexual desires that turn to rape as a way of fulfillment? And isn’t rape just another word for holding power over someone else? And so, aren’t all humans in that position – the rape of our minds, if we let Dawn overreach us by his designs that are as plain as the noses on our faces?

To be in sync and withstand the designs, Jesus gave the answer to Dawn at Matthew 4:10, 11. Jesus rejected Dawn; told him to go away; told who was to be worshiped; told him who it was that sacred service must be rendered to. SACRED SERVICE – more than just worshiping Father; we are ALL involved in this war to some capacity; the H/A’s fighting the demons; the H/G’s serving as Guides and Observers; Ministers serving as footstep followers of Christ in getting the Kingdom Message and Judgment warning out to the masses; that is all SACRED SERVICE to Father.

So, what are Dawn’s DESIGNS? They are ANYTHING that does not originate with Father; all things that are of this world belong to Dawn; that is why Christ said “YOU ARE NO PART OF THIS WORLD.” Those that long for this world of Dawn’s making are his children by default; you are all heirs to the Promised Kingdom that will soon oust and over take this planet. Make a distinction between the WORLD and the PLANET. The WORLD is Dawn’s by grant from Father – the PLANET itself belongs to Father; so, what is Father going to destroy?

Keep in mind that the Earth itself will remain forever it is Kingdom rule of Dawn that will cease; Daniel 2:44 yet to be fulfilled – and is what Dawn and his confederates are desperately seeking to halt from taking place; the Rapture is only the removal of the faithfully chosen to a safe haven; but the Kingdom wrath is what Dawn really fears; in that Scripture it spells out the fall and incoming Kingdom for this planet; keep your eyes on that promise, and all else will fall into place; Father will not let Dawn test any of you beyond that which has already occurred; your hearts are at play now, so root out what is not beneficial; we cannot blame Dawn for our own failings; if that was the case, Father would have removed Dawn a long time ago; instead, Father knows that like Dawn who self willed his own sin through a deceptive heart, that we must all be tested from within, and recognize what is not beneficial and uproot it; so don’t permit improper thinking and dawn will not have a basis to build in your heart on those things; stay clean and chaste in mind and heart, and do as Jesus did; he was and is our example for remaining on the narrow path.

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