New Covenant Laws

New Covenant Laws during the Millennium prepping stage and beyond the Millennial Rule that are to be followed throughout eternity.

Like everything else, you will get all Laws in a progressive stage during the Millennium; but this is to give you insight, and a head start on learning what’s expected of all Kingdom Subjects.

After the Rapture, all will be taught the proper procedure for using your minds to control your shell energy; one of the techniques will be on “How to manifest flesh and blood.” You will not put that technique to work until you have been brought from Mount Zion to the New Earth that is spiritual, and it has been merged along with all survivors into the fleshy visible realm Earth and they become united as one.

The basic Ten Commandments will be the Ten Basic Laws that must be followed; in addition, Statues off the Ten Laws will be instituted, much like the Israelites tried to uphold and live within. The exceptions to what was given to them are as follows:

1) No executions by anyone except Yahweh’s Angelic Deputies for transgressors that run out of Grace-Time on the individual clocks that will be running on all those salvaged into the Millennial Rule.

2) Just as it was in Moses day, the gravity of certain sinful conduct carries heavier penalties; to steal from your neighbor carries a penalty of servitude to that neighbor for 7 years of labor; after that period, if you have repented and are sincere, you will be forgiven. If not, you will be sequestered for the duration of your running clock of Salvation.

3) False Idol Worship, Murder, Rape, Molestation, Bestiality, Sex with anyone other than your mate, polluting the planet, and Kidnapping are considered the vilest of (Sins) crimes; even if the individual or individuals involved clocks have not yet run out on the 100 year mark, they will be sequestered and placed in separate dark detention areas within caverns of planet Earth; there, they will be left under angelic guard to view visions of their crimes until their clocks of Grace run out of time; at which time, Christ will either forgive them if they are truly repentant, or they are executed by an Angelic Deputy. At the Post Millennium Era, all that commit even the lightest of Sins will not be given any further grace; instead, they will perish at the time Dawn’s new seed of human confederates are executed during the orchestrated attack on the True Saints that have remained loyal and flawless in following all of Yahweh’s Laws and Statutes.

4) Once you’ve materialized on this planet, you cannot again materialize on any of the other planets until Eternity has begun; but, Guides, who are of the Angelic Elect, will be permitted to teach non-Angelic Elects how to project Celestial energy to the Promise that is ahead; doing so, by taking groups to other planets and places that will be specified during the Millennium; but under no conditions is anyone permitted to materialize on those visits; they are a ONE TIME visit until after Eternity begins and the Promise of the “Promised Land” is fulfilled; at that time, many pairs will be placed on other planets to colonize and grow intelligent creation throughout the fleshly universes. As creation expands throughout the vast expanse of creation, the colonization will be never ending, and everyone will be permitted to project their celestial energies to other places, and then will always be able to return to their original places at will.

5) During Eternity, which is the entrance from the Post Millennium Era to Eternity, anyone that willfully Sins will be put to Eternal Death immediately by one of the Angelic Deputies that will be policing all of Yahweh’s creation. No one is to question what happened to any individual; they are to be put out of memory forevermore, they are not to be made mention of. This holds true after the Millennium begins; all things and people of the former world are not to be spoken of unless they are used in relationship to guidance from the Word; this being in teaching by the use of the Word in explaining Yahweh’s Divine Plan and how it relates to the Sovereignty Issue with Satan and his demons that are destined to come back for administering the final test. Those are the most important of the Statutes that will be given; the rest will be covered during the Millennial Rule under your King and Savior Christ Jesus. You are looking at three ERAS:

1) Millennium for 1000 years. 100 year clock running to submit to Yahweh’s Way on individual basis after learning Laws.

2) Post-Millennium that will end all organized wickedness (Sinful conduct.) No Sin acceptable; will result in eternal death at time Dawn’s confederates are executed; then, Dawn will be executed by Sasa, and Dawn’s demons will be executed by other Holy Angelic forces.

3) ETERNITY. No Sin permitted, or eternal death will be meted out immediately.

The 100 years is ONE GENERATION of time, but is based on the age of the person as he or she becomes old enough to comprehend the Laws; for some of you, the clocks will begin running immediately after you have been taught all the Laws, because you are already adults and have mature fleshly minds that can comprehend.

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