Understanding Eternity

This can be used for those that argue the Trinity as well because Christ (The Word) was created INTO Eternity therefore he is also Eternal but His Father has always been Eternal.

Eternity by definition is indefinite and unending. It has no beginning and no end. Psalms 90:2 reveals Yahweh has existed forever. Psalms 93:2 reveals Yahweh is from time indefinite. Job 36:26 reveals Yahweh is beyond our comprehension. His eternal existence cannot be measured by our inferior minds. Our limited thinking and reasoning process cannot comprehend eternity. We are instilled with a BEGINNING for our start in creation. We cannot fathom anything in existence that did not have a beginning. Our comprehension level does not go beyond that.

1 Timothy 1:17 reveals Yahweh is the King of eternity. He is incorruptible. He is invisible. He is the only God in that He is Almighty; no other god can measure up to His Almightiness. He is also to be honored and glorified for eternity.

From the Sacred Scriptures, we all know that Yahweh has existed for eternity; but when did the “Beginning” come into existence? At the John: 8-58, Jesus revealed that he (Jesus the Word) existed even before Abraham came into existence. Abraham was born well before Jesus made his human appearance on this planet. Jesus was imparting a revelation, in that he had existed with his Father Yahweh at an earlier time in eternity.

How do we know that Jesus existed during ETERNITY with his Father Yahweh?

John 17:5 answers that question. He has glory along side his Father prior to the creation of the world. So, was that the “Beginning?” It was a beginning, but not our beginning. It was still ETERNITY at that time. Revelation 1:1 and Revelation 3:14 reveals that Jesus was the beginning of the first creation by Yahweh. Colossians 1:15 reveals Jesus was made in the image of Yahweh. We also know that he existed with Yahweh before coming to Earth because of what is revealed at John 6:62.

The Scriptures have established that Jesus was the first creation by Yahweh Himself, and thus he (Jesus as the Word) had a pre-human existence along side his Father; that being a “Beginning” for Jesus (the Word) coming into existence; but, it was not our “Beginning,” it was his beginning. Jesus the Word was created into ETERNITY at his beginning. We know this because Genesis 1:1 states that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Was that Yahweh that created the heavens and the earth? No. The Word created them. The Scriptures will bear that out, but the point here, is that this Scripture at Genesis 1:1 starts off with OUR BEGINNING. In part that Scripture states “the beginning.” That’s the beginning of everything that was created after Jesus the Word had his beginning in creation.

How do we know that? Is this going beyond the Scriptures? If that were true, it would be a miscalculation to just assume that to be truth.

The Scriptures must bear out all that we believe. So how do we know that the beginning did not in fact start with the Word’s creation? How do we know he was still part of ETERNITY? To understand all of the Scriptures in the Bible, we have to ascertain whether or not this is the truth. One Scripture builds upon another. They must be in union, or they are not properly placed within the Great Jigsaw Puzzle of the WORD.

So, how do we know that our BEGINNING started at Genesis 1:1? Colossians 1:16-17 gives us insight concerning that important matter. By means of Jesus the Word, all other things were created. But if that’s so, why does it say at Genesis 1:1 that “God created the heavens and the earth.”? Isn’t that a contradiction? Well, to put that piece of the jigsaw puzzle into the correct slot and arrive at the truthful answer, we need to understand which God that Scripture is referring to. The puzzle piece is found at John 1:1-3, 10. It gives the Revelation. The “Word” was and is now known as Jesus Christ. That Scripture reveals that – not in the Heavens and the Earth’s BEGINNING, but in the Word’s (Jesus’ pre-human existence) he spoke of at John 8:58. John 6:62. John 17:5, and at Colossians 1:15, he was instilled along side his Father Yahweh.

Although the Word (Jesus) was created a God, he was not an Almighty God. Jesus said at John 14:28 that his Father was greater than him. Revelation 1:8 reveals Yahweh is the Alpha and Omega. But the Word, in order to be able to create life, he had to be a God himself.

No other creation – not any angel, whom are superior in creative design to all but Jesus and Yahweh, not even they can create life. They are not God’s. They do not share the Godship that Jesus shares with his Father. Only Yahweh could bestow that gift upon the Word.

But how do we know for certain that Jesus is like his Father Yahweh in every way? John 5:19 answers that question. Proverbs 8:22 gives more pieces of the puzzle and insight into the Word’s (Jesus’) BEGINNING. But, did the Word indeed exist during Eternity? Can it be proven in the Scriptures? Proverbs 8:23 reveals “I was appointed from eternity…” There’s your answer; and it goes on to say “from the beginning, before the world began.” So, that BEGINNING was into ETERNITY – not our BEGINNING. It was the Word’s beginning.

Now we come to our BEGINNING. By definition Beginning means, to come into being, or have as its starting point. That’s a BEGINNING.

The Word had one, and so did all else; but all else came through who?

Colossians 1:16-17 reveals the BEGINNING of the Word’s work as the master-worker or craftsman, as pointed out at Proverbs 8:30 giving him that vocation. Therefore, Genesis 1:1 is in line in stating that God created the heavens and the earth. The Word is also a God, and he created on behalf of his father Yahweh whom is the Almighty God. And because the Word is the exact image of Yahweh, it would not be incorrect to say that He too created all that is in existence, because the Word is from Yahweh and Yahweh owns all that is in existence.

What the Word does throughout creation is a reflection upon his Father and His Sovereignty.

Now that we have ascertained our Beginning, we will have a clearer and better understanding of what Jesus meant when he made the statement about Satan the Devil being a murderer from the beginning; you can find that Scripture at 1 John 3:8. The angelic hosts beginning began with our beginning; even though they were created millions of years before the first human couple were created and procreated on this planet. The visible creations by the Word, and the Heavens and the holy angelic hosts were all part of our own beginning.

That’s where TIME starts for the invisible and the visible creations. With the Word as the craftsman. That’s why it says Satan has been sinning since the beginning. It speaks of our beginning, not the Word’s; and since Yahweh has no beginning or end, He is excluded from any beginning. He has always existed.

If you’ve understood this much of the jigsaw puzzle, you now comprehend that everything the Word (Jesus) created as his Father’s masterworker – that was the BEGINNING we know and have come to understand as TIME. In essence, our BEGINNING began when the Word created everything else in existence. But, you need to understand that Yahweh still exists in ETERNITY. He is forevermore ETERNAL.

That is the prize He offers through his Only Begotten Son Christ Jesus’ Kingdom. It is ETERNAL LIFE – THROUGHOUT ETERNITY.

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