The Difference Between Sin and Mistakes

We all make mistakes, but not willfully that involves sin. For an example, if you take a step forward and find yourself in a snare, that’s not a sin. But if you stepped in the snare on purpose, then it could be a sin, depending on what the snare entails. Understand? Doing Father’s will leads each of us on paths we’ve never walked, so we must learn from mistakes and make corrections. As Michael has warned us in the beginning of our creation, sin is willfully going against Father’s commands, because Father always gives the law in order that we know Her commandments. If we do not break law intentionally, then no sin arises. Mistakes that occur in life are part of the nature of the learning process. That is part of Father’s way of teaching us to walk in Her light.

In this six thousand year spiritual war, the holy side has made countless blunders. [Maning= spelling mistake, but is not a sin] Meaning us holy angelic forces along with those humans that serve Father. The things Moses and Aaron did to anger Father were mistakes, but Father did not take away their promise of a future eternal life in the coming eternity that awaits all faithful. Our blunders have been a many. But we are working out Father’s will as we seek to bring an end to Satan’s evil order of things. And that is what Father looks at. That we are trying and we remain
faithful and submissive to Her will.

Remember when Saul that became the apostle Paul was struck blind? Do you know why Father recruited him? It was because he had a good heart that believed he was doing what was right, and his eyes were opened by Father to his wrongful conduct. It was an intervention by Father to shift the persecution off Her people by that person. When necessary, Father intervenes to keep this war on track.

Perfection is measured by doing Father’s will. To be perfect is to be submissive to Father and in obedience. When Michael was on earth as Jesus Christ, he had a flare up of anger and tossed out the money changers from our Father’s house of worship. Yet, Michael did not sin. His anger was for righteousness and Father’s grand name. According to each situation whether it be peaceful or demanding of harsh action, we act accordingly. As he kicked out the money changers, his split energy will kick out the evil from the very core of creation. Father is a God of peace, but also a warrior if need be.

Are you not like your Father? Are we not all? Did Father not say She regretted making man? You see, even Father recognized that mankind was frail to being obedient to Her. But Father nonetheless decided to salvage Her human creation, even with regret, and teach all of you Her way. Did Father make a mistake because of Her regret She noted? We all make mistakes, but mistakes are not imperfection. We learn from our mistakes. Is Father any different? Did Father not learn from Her own creation? It’s all a learning process, even for Father But Father is love, and love is what She has for those that cling faithfully to Her.

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