Footstep Followers of Christ

As footstep followers of Christ Jesus whom set the pattern for those faithful in all things……..

Did Christ speak of grace more than he spoke of his Father’s warnings of the dire consequences for those that resist the Truth? Speaking of grace only – is “feel good” book selling – contribution raking in philosophy. No one likes hearing… about the consequences that will be borne by those outside of Yahweh’s grace. And where the “good news” about the Ransom Sacrifice needs to be spoken of, it is not the only message that Christ shared. He was not killed for speaking of good things – but was instead crucified for being bluntly truthful to those that would receive no grace because of their heart conditions. So those that claim to be true footstep followers of Christ, they must walk in his true path, if not, then they are presenting themselves as being absolved from speaking the whole truth. It’s true that people do not like to hear of the swords opposite edge, because it speaks of wrath, but that did not hold back Christ, whom is the pattern for all true Christians, from divulging the Truth in its entirety. Are you a true footstep follower, or a sounding board for only that which attracts the largest number of people whom do not seek the Truth in its entirety? Search your hearts for the wisdom in this matter. Take up your torture stake and follow Christ, but know that with that torture stake comes torture, or you are missing the mark.

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