The Correlations of Science and the Spiritual War

“As Earth approaches the Galactic Equator, getting ever closer to it, the two same polarity poles push against each other.” – Archangel Michael

On the spiritual plane positive spirits and negative spirits are opposed to each other much like a car battery. When the two armies oppose each other as materialized warriors on this planet, they will be the same polarity. This is because Michael’s LOZ will also be engaging Satan’s human allies. The same polarity must exist in all combatants for a level field of combat, but will nonetheless “push against each other” as Michael’s army sweeps the earth to crush all rulership and to destroy all those left living on this planet.

What is being set into place is the physical laws to achieve that process on a large scale. Warrior Yahweh, our Creator and Father is lining up all of His ducks in a row. Everything is being set into place just prior to the first Rapture. Time is being twisted to reflect the original time that the Judgment of the death sentence upon mankind was imposed.

When the Rapture occurs, the Sacrifice provided for all of mankind will then be lifted from this planet. Only if mercy prevails and a reading of hearts will a second Rapture occur for those that were enlightened after the closing of the door. Yahweh could have shown mercy beyond Noah and his family of survivors at the great flood, but did not because the heart is the determining factor. Just wanting salvation because the rains had begun is not sufficient for being offered refuge from the wrath that occurred at that time.

The army Michael brings will exterminate everyone on this planet in deliverance of the promised wrath. If a second Rapture occurs, it must occur just prior to them surrounding this planet and landing for the assault on Satan’s brood.

When they have completed that task, the earth will be as void of life as it was at the time the waters receded from the earth. Floating above in Heaven will be the remnant that will then be restored to this planet after the earth’s restoration is completed.

Then Christ’s Millennium will begin. It will be a time of peace and a time of sorting out the unworthy that do not remain faithful. All then grow to perfection in “the Way” of Yahweh, whom then serves as Mother Israel with Christ as the High Priest and exalted King over Her creation. Those that survive the Millennium will be tested by Satan one last time after the Millennium when Christ turns his priesthood back over to our Mother. Purpose served. This is because they will then be at the same perfected state that Adam and Eve were when they sinned. Those that survive that test will then need only continue to walk in “the Way” to remain in existence. Eternal bliss will then be the true reality, and time itself will be terminated. True harmony will have been achieved.

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