The Lions of Zion (LOZ)

This is who is bringing Yahweh’s prophecies to completion. This is who will storm the earth and execute those left after the remnant have been salvaged. This is who is flying around and being reported as UFO’s.

Most concentrate on the message of Grace and disregard the Wrath. Grace is passing and Wrath s occurring. Soon, all the bowls of punishment will have been poured out in the punishment phase that is designed to be a warning to those that are… survivor Kingdom Subjects of Christ’s , and then the full cup of Wrath will be administered upon the inhabitants of this planet. Do you hate this message? Do you desire to concentrate on Grace only? It will not save you unless you are marked as part of the remnant. Your heart condition will tell your outcome.

You converts reading this message, many of you know me from the heavenly Jerusalem. Now is the time to make your decision to stand with Yahweh and Her Son Christ. If you remain outside the door for much longer, you will find yourselves casualties of the LOZ. Satan can not and will not win this war. Now is the time …

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