All things Written in the Word Correlate Together

Consider this example: Joshua 10:18 “Joshua said, “Roll large stones against the mouth of the cave, and station men by it to guard the kings.”

Now, consider that one single stone was rolled over the mouth of the opening of our own King, Christ’s tomb. Guards were placed in front of the tomb’s entrance. What happened to those guards when Yahweh sent Her holy angels at the appointed time? What will happen to Satan’s guards over his tomb on earth he has been encased within? Fear of Yahweh is something that must be learned. Satan learned it the hard way, and mankind will learn it also. If you are on the receiving end – YAHWEH IS TO BE FEARED. Just as She devastated an ancient number of worlds, including this one on several occasions, She is about to do it again. Whether She uses us to bring forth the devastation to mankind and Satan’s footprint, or She does it Herself, it still comes forth from the One that is to be feared.

Wisdom must be given by Yahweh: Is your heart receptive?

Job 28:28 “He said to mankind, “Look! The fear of the Lord—that is wisdom, and to turn from evil is understanding.”

How can one come to fear Father if they do not have understanding of what Fath…”

Wisdom comes in fearing our Creator. If there was no fear, there would be no order in our Mother’s house. Criminals that do not fear the law, they do not give consideration to the penalty that will be imposed. Fearing Yahweh is giving consideration to Her penalty of eternal death for those that resist Her Will. Demon = Resister. Satan = Chief Adversary. Being an adversary and a resister to Yahweh’s authority makes any intelligent creation a candidate for having the penalty served upon them. Everyone on this planet – remnant excepted – is on DEATH ROW awaiting execution.

Gain WISDOM, because with it comes the hope for ETERNAL LIFE outside of this wicked world Satan culminated.

Proverbs 16:16 “Acquire wisdom— how much better it is than gold! And acquire understanding— it is preferable to silver.” Gold and silver are manipulated energy, but wisdom and your understanding of what you have acquired, they come from our Mother. They are priceless. You cannot buy them. To obtain them, you must have a chaste heart. To have a chaste heart, you must cultivate our Mother into the very essence of your mind and body, and then it will seep into your heart. Like computer that you transmit information to, it is then either deleted, or saved on the hard drive. Either the mind dismisses, or it is cultivated and written upon your heart. That’s when understanding becomes the wisdom imparted by our Mother for your salvation.

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