Are the New Jerusalem and Mt. Zion Mentioned in Scripture Only Symbolic?

The answer is no, not symbolic. Just as in the early times of the Israelite release from captivity, Father had them create things that already existed in Heaven. So when you think of Heaven, think of the entire expanse where you see stars and universes. All of that is part of Heaven and is why it is often referred to as the heavens. But as I was saying, Father had imitations of the things of Heaven produced by mankind. The utensils, the curtains and all else exist in Heaven that they made under Father”s direction for use by the Israelite’s. Here is your foundation for what Heaven is like. The copying of rituals and items contained within Heaven. The only difference was that they were trapped in sin until Christ came. So their rituals differed in that respect. Then in later times you have the Christians of Christ. And at the Edge of Light, the purification by means of seeking Christ and giving ones self over to him and Father are still practiced. You are taught the truth and then you either accept or decline. More decline than accept. It’s no different than the world you all live in. Do you seek things of the world, because the spirit realm is full of activity other than what Christ and Father offer, or do you follow a yearning to do what pleases your desires? Over there, like over here, there are influences that say “Let’s do what we want. We never asked to be involved in a war. It’s between Yahweh and Satan. Let them fight it out and we’ll go have some fun.” And that’s exactly what the majority of them are doing. But you also have very vile people that pass over. They are quickly apprehended and taken through the barrier. The reason is because like Satan and his demons, they are purely negative in energy. Unlike the converts who believe they are on the fence whom are classified as neutral for a time, so are still permitted to have positive energy as their makeup, but the criminals are dangerous to anyone with positive energy, so they must be dealt with quickly.

To live in Heaven proper, you must be of Father’s family. In the cities you can vibe your energy down and enjoy anything that comes to mind that is clean in Father’s sight. Say you wanted a glass of wine. You think it and it becomes real. You drink it but it is expelled as spent energy. . You eat a steak, and the same thing occurs. It is to be savored and enjoyed. But unlike here, you do not have to go to the bathroom to do your business. Over there the expelling of spent energy is the same as exhaling used up oxygen over here. The process is simple and goes unnoticed. When you draw in raw energy you are at rest.l It is the same as if you were exhausted from running over here and flopped down to take a break and regenerate your energy you used up on the run. You soon feel yourself recouping and have vitality once again. No different over there. To vibe down is to be able to do things just like you do over here. You can’t do anything if you are in a dead run can you? Can you drink or eat if you are running hard and getting out of breath? Same over there in the vibratory process. You can maintain high vibes for only so long and then your energy reserve is depleted. Once the reserve is gone then you are spiraling downward . You must cease all activity and recharge over a period of time. Depending on how low your reserve was depleted depends on the amount of time necessary to then recharge to full capacity. Although you can operate at a low charge in the vibe-up stage, it’s not recommended because it requires a low-vibe rest or activity to fully recharge. So if you desire to do things that are likened to eating and drinking, because just naturally drawing in energy is bore some, you do it coupled with eating or drinking. That is considered low activity because you are at a low vibratory rate when it occurs. The only usage is the energy necessary to produce the beverage or food you desire. If you are extremely exhausted, you simply do it in a rest mode. If you are really low on energy you cannot vibe up anyway. Your ability ceases to function in that capacity until you recharge some of your reserve back up to par. You could liken the process to a run down battery. Put the charger on and it will start to come up on charge. Leave it on long enough and it will become fully charged. Like water on this planet, Father has provided an abundance of raw energy. It can be found anywhere in creation. It is your lifeline in this reality.

The cities of the heavens are populated by holy ghosts and the holy angels are garrisoned at various cities. But they also have their own domains in the heavens where their Orders are headquartered. The Seraph’s are headquartered out of Mount Zion, and are also called Alpha because they were the first Order created. Then you have a long list of other Orders all the way down to the Celestial Order. There are also sub Orders like the Antijaboks and Chebars that are actually classified with the Celestial Order of holy angels. That is the lowest Order in creation, yet they are one of the most important because they take care of the universes that make up creation as a whole.

Reality is expanding. This is because Father Herself is growing in energy. As She expands so does Her internal self. Just like if you eat to many sweets and put on a few extra pounds  It is part of Father’s plan. She is self producing in energy. By that I mean She is not static. She continues to grow and always has. According to Michael, Father started out small like all of the other Gods and they all continue to grow and produce more boundless energy. Why? It is a secret of the Gods, because it is no where to be found written with an answer to that phenomenon. But it is written that Father intends to populate Her creations beyond Her own gates into eternity. That much we are assured of in the writings at the Great Hall of Records. How Her expanding body plays into that equation is a mystery not yet revealed by the Reveal-er.

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