Enlightenment on Past Lifeforms

“I’ve spent a great deal of time studying at the repository about past lifeforms, I’ll share a tad more with all of you. Study revealed that some of the planets made mankind’s caveman look modern. This is because Father was in a trial and error stage of Michael’s creations. When one species failed, and then another, and another, and so on, the learning curve of Father became a wide curve that revealed that the heart, which is inherent from our Creator, it is treacherous in its own ability to reason things. The heart is the treacherous part of any creation’s makeup. Even Father’s heart gives Her much pain. This is borne out by anger arising from within Her heart. Later, She often feels regret, but even so, Father is always Just in Her balancing the Scales of Justice. But She too also has inner feelings. Feelings of having regretted having to destroy Her creations, though thriving, they were doing so in contrast to Her Way. And just as Father does not want anyone to perish that has secondary sin, and with that She also feels that tinge of regret for having to destroy them, She must follow Her own laws to the letter. If She does not, then the Prime Example of Her Law is not an example at all.

Then came the decision to make mankind. Instead of following the old mold of direct creations, they would add something new to the new intelligent intellectual species. This time they would use the same technique of offspring that had been used for millions of years with the animal kingdom, except that instead of dying off for new births, the offspring could keep multiplying and live for eternity. In fact, they could populate the entire expanse. But this time, Father would give them everything that the heart possibly desired. A beautiful garden paradise that they could later expand earth wide with the help of their offspring, filled with every kind of nutritious food growing in abundance. More water than could ever possibly quench their thirst with. But if they sinned, they could be easily killed. This differed from past creations that were more powerful in their nature. And if any of humankind did sufferer an unnatural death, because death would indeed not be natural unless someone sinned willfully, then there would be an angelic Prince serving as a governor just as was the tradition of past planets, watching to see if they sinned against the Creator, and would serve over that species that could bring them to the Waters of Life and reconstitute that lost life. Under this arrangement there would be no wanting for anything. They would quite simply be endowed with everything that could possibly make them happy. And Father would place them on the lower rung of the ladder over the animal kingdom so that they could look after them, name them and enjoy them. They would know what death was because the animal kingdom would still experience the natural death that was part of their makeup, but who are the only souls that get recycled throughout eternity.

But Michael posed a question to his Mother: “But what if we give them everything and their hearts prove to be like past creations? How will we remedy that? Father’s wisdom from past creations, and Her ability to have viewed other creations of the other God’s of eternity led her to the conclusion, that a test must be performed. She told Michael that this time they would give a test, but they would keep it simple so as not to make it to hard for the first created pair. Well you all know what that test was. And Father also told Michael that if they successfully passed the test, then they could eat from a special tree, the tree of life. At that time it had no stipulation with it. One that now holds true. Anyone that sins throughout eternity will be destroyed. But back then that thought did not come into Father’s or Michael’s mind. And so, when Adam and Eve sinned’ it became necessary to remove them from the presence of the Tree of Life, because if they were successful at eating from its fruit, they could not die at all. No, they would live for eternity. And so Father kicked them out of Her sacred garden to prevent that action from taking place. Then later at the flood, Michael told Father that since the Tree of Life itself could not be destroyed, that they must prevent any of mankind from ever partaking of its fruit for eternity. And since the Tree was under covenant to mankind only, it offered no benefit to the angels or any other species. So, when the flood occurred, Father made certain it was covered over by the vast watery deep of what we call the Atlantic Ocean. The garden itself became a wasteland, but the tree remains for eternity.

Now as we look back, we can see that Father gave mankind every opportunity to remain in Her family. There were no holy angels back then because there were no evil angels in existence. But Dawn Lucifer whom was appointed as the governing Prince over this planet, he thought mankind would sin on their own, but when they did not, he decided to move off Father’s path and take mankind with him. He was banking that with so many past failures of creations by Michael that Father might not take immediate action, and Satan’s past arguments to Father as the Dawn Lucifer went like this: Why not give free will morale agency to all of creation?. Your Way is not working and I personally don’t believe it ever will. To ensure his theory was correct, Dawn took the first step as a deputy of Father’s to cause the alternate path to be taken. And that is why the Word speaks of empty arguments. Dawn was the one that took empty arguments and worthless speeches to a new height. From that height he takes a future fall that will put him where all his past heroes have gone. To the Pit of Destruction. But hopefully, Father’s Plan for mankind and the rest of creation will work out by the learning process experienced by more than 6000 years of generations of mankind under sin. Maybe they will all see the light and come to understand that sinful conduct is not the true Way. That’s the Plan anyway. And it hold marvelous things for those that survive into Father’s eternal bliss.

Do any of you know why Satan is coined as the Father of the lie? And not as the Father of sin? Even though the Word states at: 1 John 3:8 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

” The one who commits sin is of the Devil, for the Devil has sinned from the beginning. The Son of God was revealed for this purpose: to destroy the Devil’s works.” The key to this statement is the “beginning.” You have which BEGINNING? That of other species over the millions of past years that had their own beginnings, or the beginning of mankind? It is of course mankind’s beginning. That is where the Word begins its story about this particular creation in its starting history. So the Devil whom is Dawn Lucifer, he committed sin at the beginning of mankind’s beginning. You know Satan did not sin at his own beginning, because he was placed over this planet as its Prince governor. But even though earlier species broke law and were destroyed, they did not have an outside source that spawned them on. It’s kind of like Satan saying the Azmon’s started the battle. He must be having a recall of his own prolific disposition  But those other species had no one else to blame, and they were like Satan, a direct creation that were taught the laws of our Mother from their beginnings in creation.

The Scripture also states that “The Son of God was revealed for this purpose: to destroy the Devil’s works.” This tells you that before being revealed for his purpose, Michael was unknown to mankind. The reason is, because even though Michael is Father’s Living Word or spokesman, he always spoke to Adam and other humans as though he was Father. This is because he represents Father in every way. And is why he said if you have seen me you have seen my Father.”

Joseph – Holy Ghost Observer

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