Everything is Encoded Within Creation

You look up into the night time sky and see light coming forth from the expanse. The dark expanse is likened to Eternity. But from the dark comes forth light. As the stars are many and some are greater than others in this creation we all live within, so too are the Bringers of Light within the dark expanse of Eternity. A pattern was set within the Eternal Region, and was carried over into the worlds created by those that bring forth the light of existence. The Gods are the anchors to the greater reality that all things exist because they exist. Existence is a creation of the Wheel Work, but the Light is brought forth from the spark of life that was given to each God. And so, it is not without reason that each creation from within is filled with those sparks relative to their Creators. In Eternity it is referred to as a Family Line of decent. Descending forth from each respective Creator to form a distinct TRIBE. We are the tribe of Yahweh. Other creations are composed of and make up the tribes of other Gods. The pattern of existence carries over in the realities through lines of decent in both spirit and humanoid much like it does in the Eternal Gods orderly fashion of forming families in lines of decent.

Dictionary: “decent >adjective 1 conforming with generally accepted standards of morality or respectability. 2 of an acceptable standard. 3 Brit. informal kind or generous.

-DERIVATIVES decently >adverb.

-ORIGIN from Latin decere ‘to be fit’.”

Within each tribe is variety. Gods are like painters that compose a scene within their minds and then paint it in every detail on a canvas.

“descent >noun 1 an act or the action of descending. 2 a downward slope. 3 a person’s origin or nationality. 4 (descent on) a sudden violent attack on.”

We descended from Yahweh, from a sudden violent BIG BANG from within that started all life through the efforts of Michael that then composed that raw energy left behind into what we see within creation. We are a part of what we see. The remnants of the visible side of the burst of energy within the Rock are seen throughout the expanse.

Babies come from within and are born outside a body. Yahweh gave birth from within as Mother Israel. Gave birth to a tribe. Her tribe. Michael like Her was given birth outside in Eternity, but he continued Her line of descent by helping give birth from within. The symbolic meaning is this: To remain within, you must be of Yahweh, or else you are cast outside with no life sustaining Mother. Like a child that is aborted.

In essence, we all descend from Yahweh, but to remain of Her descent, and not become aliens residing within, we must adhere to Her Will. If we do not, we will be cast out in the darkness. In Eternity, you must having a caring Mother to survive a visit there, or you perish for eternity.

Going out into eternity can be compared to astral projection. You are corded to your body when you project from your human vessel. When you enter eternity, you are corded to our Mother. If your body’s cord is severed, you perish as a projector. Likewise, if Mother Yahweh severs your cord out in Eternity, then like the human anchor that is severed from the projector, so to is the anchor to Mother Yahweh if She so chooses. Life on either side totally depends of our Creator permitting continued existence for any individual.


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