If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself

Matthew 12:26 “If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?”

When Jesus spoke of the archenemy, did you believe he was referring to driving out the evil that plagues mankind, or the evil of mankind? You see child, there is a difference. The evil that plagues mankind is that of being under the rule of a foreign god. But the evil of mankind is the vileness that is perpetuated by mankind itself. So what Christ actually meant, was that Satan and his demons do not act in harmony with the holy family. He did not mean that the opposing side has a love for mankind’s own breed of evil. To the contrary, Satan has been trying to develop a way of life that will bolster his own kingdom into harmony with his rule. But because Satan is not a rightful ruler in creation, our Mother Yahweh thwarts his every move on the war chess board. Satan inspired the League of Nations in pursuit of quelling the violence of his waring nations. When that failed he inspired the Unite Nations in the same pursuit. In truth, Satan wants peace and tranquility on earth, but because of mankind’s differences, and because of Mother Yahweh’s intervention, he cannot achieve a lasting peace. If Satan was able to achieve his goals, then Mother’s Way would not be followed, because Satan seeks to go another direction than the path our Mother originally prepared for all of Her intelligent creations. Satan, if all of his powers were returned, would force mankind to obey his way of ruler-ship. There would be no crime, but there would also be no free will. That is not what our Mother wants for Her intelligent creations. She wants kingdom subjects that serve in harmony to Her Way out of free will and love for Her Way, not Satan’s way.

Mark 3:26 “And if Satan rebels against himself and is divided, he cannot stand but is finished!”

Satan was the first angel to institute rebellion in the heavenly family. Therefore, he knows rebellion divides and is designed to topple governments. With that lesson learned, he seeks to bring the human creation into harmony with his ruler-ship. If unable to achieve that goal, since he has been working on it since the beginning of his rebellion, his own rule cannot stand. But because of the way the Word paints him and his angelic followers – as demonic – it is intended to inspire fear of him into the masses, and to cause him to stumble in his efforts to bring forth unity in his own kingdom. Since mankind has proven to be a hindrance in his efforts also, because of their own badness of heart from the youth up, he has discovered that under his rule that force will be the only way to achieve his goal. This is why in Revelation it speaks of fire coming down from the sky, and who can stand against this leader? In this way, he hopes to force his own brand of peace upon his kingdom subjects.By having them bear his mark of governmental rule, because “mark of the beast” simply means “mark of his governmental rule,” is and will be Satan’s last ditch effort to try and unify mankind and to try and harmonize it to his own ruler-ship. Again, he seeks to interfere in free will, and thereby take away the right to purchase anything without being loyal to his governmental rule. Those the Word speaks of that he will threaten with death are the rebels against his government that seek Christ’s and Mother Yahweh’s government over his.

Luke 11:18 “If Satan also is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand? For you say I drive out demons by Beelzebub.”

You see, Jesus knew that Satan was seeking to unify his own human followers, so he was explaining that Satan would not work in the kingdom interests of our Creator Yahweh. Jesus never gave rise to, nor did he ever say that Satan is not a father to his own children. Instead, he was making it plain that Satan is not divided against himself. Part of “himself” is made up of his human children. The books and movies perpetuated about Satan and his demons are the thoughts and misguided understanding of Satan and his true goals. Just as Seraiah discovered when he came in contact with Satan many Years ago, he learned that Satan is organized and does not care for common devil worshipers that view him as having a grotesque look and goat hoofs. In reality, the demons laugh at those types of people. Satan’s goal aside from bringing unity and stability to mankind is one of thwarting Mother’s prophecies. The latter because he seeks to win the war and continue his ruler-ship. As the Book of Revelation points out, Satan will eventually institute a culling process. just like our Mother Yahweh will cull those that are not of Her family. Where the holy angels mark humans for salvation, Satan marks others for his family. Whatever Mother does, Satan copies in his own way, because he seeks what? He wants to resemble Yahweh in every way, but as Her opposite in ruler-ship. Satan knows that to remain in power, he must have order, and our Mother has designed this war to not permit that from ever taking place until Her enemies are slain at Armageddon and She ushers in Christ’s Millennium.

Matthew 12:25-26 “Knowing their thoughts, He told them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction, and no city or house divided against itself will stand. If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then will his kingdom stand?”

Now think children. Is Mother Yahweh divided in Her house of the holy family? We know She is not. But being unified does not mean you accept criminal behavior, nor do you protect them. We know what Mother has done in cleaning Her own house. So, when the Antichrist makes his move, it is in reflection of Mother’s own house cleaning. Satan wants to clean the world of all those that not only serve Mother Yahweh, but also those that act ruinously to cause division in his kingdom. Since mankind is divided by its own evil desires for power, because are they not all following in the footsteps of their spirit father, Satan? And what direction does that set them on? “He told them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction,”

Isaiah 14:14 “I will ascend above the highest clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

You see children, Satan seeks to be like our Mother in every way. But because of how he began his tin-godship, it can never be. Iniquity breeds iniquity. He’s learned that, but he still won’t give up. As was n the cases of people possessed by demons, that was their try and forcing humans to accept Satan over our Creator. Again taking away their free will. Since they did not posses all humans, you can reason out that they targeted people that sought Mother’s Way and not Satan’s. Mother does not force Her Way on anyone.Those that do not choose it, they choose eternal death without being in slavery to Satan or his authority, because his divided house cannot be permitted to stand nor continue in existence for eternity.

Isaiah 46:5 “Who will you compare Me or make Me equal to? Who will you measure Me with, so that we should be like each other?”

Satan has found that Mother has no equal in Her reality, not even him, hard as he has tried to resemble Her as a god.

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