Michael: The Second Adam

Michael is the Archangel over all of Yahweh’s holy angelic orders. He is Mother’s first and only direct creation, and Jesus is the rebirth of Michael; Michael is from the old heaven from where he is still perched in the role of being Prince and Archangel as 2nd in command, because his Christ half has not become whole in taking his position as Mother’s new King over Her creation. That occurs at the close of this old Age after Armageddon concludes and Dawn and his demons are out of the way for the duration of the Millennial Rule of Christ. So the divide that exists between the two is this: Christ is deemed as a lifesaver and a living sacrifice of all that is good whereas Michael whom swore on Mother’s throne to take away the evil of the human offspring, made him a servant for not only taking on the evil passed down by Adam and Eve and going down into the pit, but also to be the king over those that are executed for doing evil that will eventually be cast into the same pit Michael was in. So what it boils down to, is that more than an energy split is involved; it is also a personality split. Christ is good, and Michael evil (but this does not mean he is a sinner), because he must repay in kind. As Mother spoke in the Garden to Michael when Adam and Eve sinned,. She spoke:

Genesis 3:22 “The LORD God said, “Since man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil, he must not reach out, and also take from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.”

So you see, Michael had to become like Adam to the extent that he actually took on the sin of Adam and Eve’s children. Actually bore that sin into his body. And Mother said that Adam ” must not reach out, and also take from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.” So likewise, Michael cannot take from the symbolic tree of life – that being continuing his existence for eternity, because the deal struck with Mother was for him to be re-birthed as the Christ and receive a kingdom. The sin has to die completely; but because Mankind has not yet been executed that do not receive the mercy offered by Christ, it is permissible for Michael to continue as a vessel of Wrath until the climax of Armageddon; in heaven, Michael is referred to as “the cup of wrath.” He’s the living wrath that must be poured out upon evil mankind, because they share the same fate that Adam and Michael shared at Michael’s execution when he was named Jesus, but was not yet executed so that after that occurred, he was fulfilled as the Anointed Christ by following through on being put to death. So, like when Mother Yahweh has reanimated Dawn and his demons so many times . She split Michael off of Christ, and also animated his Michael-split with the evil (added it back to him) he took with him on the Cross of Salvation. When Michael was killed, we all thought Mother placed his energy back together with Christ, but we were wrong; Mother healed Christ, and Michael remained in a total state of death, until She reanimated him from Her memory for his final task. So, Michael can never again be a part of Christ, because that part of his personality (at the execution) died with his old self. He was raised up with a new personality that permits no evil can be a part of his temple to Mother. He is a wonderful counselor and a number of other grand things, but he cannot kill anyone, because of what he represents. That being a TREE OF LIFE. You eat his fruit and you live. But Michael, he is of the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. He has known both, and so, like Adam, whom he represented as the second Adam:

1 Corinthians 15:45 “So it is written: The first man Adam became a living being ; the last Adam became a life-giving Spirit. ”

In order for Christ to become a life-giving spirit, more than his human vessel had to perish; that’s because the vessel is nothing more than a container of the spirit- energy we all possess; but, had Michael died and not been reanimated back to life, his sacrifice could have covered the sins of Adam and Eve. But because he was brought back minus the sin he left in the pit, he could only cover the offspring of secondary sin; so by bringing back the one that bore the sin (Michael,) he must return to the pit because that personality was tied up with Adam’s sin that was passed on:

Psalm 90:3 “You return mankind to the dust, saying, “Return, descendants of Adam.”

Michael became like Adam in being a receiver of sin; that made that part of him a descendant of the old sin Adam and Eve committed, although he never personally sinned. His life goes up to Adam’s Sin, and then ends as though at a dead sea, and then, his new personality crosses farther down as the Risen Christ:

Joshua 3:16 “and the water flowing downstream stood still,” (Michael’s life comes to a stand still.) ” rising up [in] a mass that extended as far as Adam,” (Michael rises up again, to stand up for Mother’s people in the end time as Her foremost Prince (foremost” means he comes from the farthest place – that being the PIT (lake of fire as a finality). You can go no farther than death, because that is nonexistence unless you’re reanimated.) but can go no farther than Adam – or no farther than the edge of the Promised Land like Moses whom died before entering. This on Michael’s part, is because he is bound to Adamic sin that he bore for his other half – Christ.) “a city next to Zarethan. The water flowing downstream into the Sea of the Arabah (the Dead Sea) was completely cut off, (Michael’s journey ends like a dead lifeless sea.) and the people crossed opposite Jericho.” The remnant crossed on the blood sacrificed opposite sin left behind, and Michael’s split energy represents that sin that died, therefore, his personage as Michael must die for the fulfillment of Christ’s Promise from Mother to be validated. But here’s how you know Michael was brought back in a split half:

Psalm 88:10-12 “Do You work wonders for the dead?” (Yahweh performs a miracle to raise up the first angel to go into the pit of death in service to Her.) “Do departed spirits rise up to praise You?” (Michael was brought back to praise Yahweh by his Vindication of Her Great Name. And to prove it was indeed him, She split him off Christ because the energy originated from Her Only Begotten Son. At the split, he was given back the mind-set he had while he was filled with Adam’s offspring’s sin.This makes him something more than Michael, because sin had entered his body to take with him to the Pit. He becomes a destroyer of the same sin. Mother gives him the name Abaddon. ) “Selah Will Your faithful love be declared in the grave,” (Mother’s love cannot be declared to Her Vindicator while in the grave so he must be brought back for a final task in vindicating Her name, which was part of the deal they made for the kingdom.) ” Your faithfulness in Abaddon? (Yahweh’s faith is in him Vindicating Her name and ridding the earth of sinners.) “Will Your wonders be known in the darkness, or Your righteousness in the land of oblivion? (Mother will remember and cherish his sacrifice, and value his righteous evil that served Her throne to his resting spot in oblivion.) You see Cordelia, both Christ and Michael received kingdoms:

Revelation 9:11 “They had as their king the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he has the name Apollyon.”

Michael became the king of the Abyss.

But with all of the above said, Michael is part of Christ; it is his old personality that passes away not his physical self. I told Jaddi that I view Michael like he was a clone of Christ, because they are identical, except that Michael concentrates on death, and Christ on life. Like the Tree of Knowledge. One good, one evil. But both serving the same cause. To insure Mother’s Sovereignty against Her enemies.

Michael will simply fade away at the conclusion of his work; but his memories of killing cannot be a part of Christ’s mind. Christ must remain pure; this is why Mother placed him next to Her until She renders his enemies to a footstool.

Psalm 110:1 “[ The Priestly King ] A Davidic psalm. The LORD declared to my Lord: “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool.”

Christ himself must remain out of the conflict and unblemished. He cannot have blood on his hands. Yet, Mother trusts only his personage to Vindicate Her name through his leadership, and is why he is split. But sweet and sour cannot continue to mix or run together for eternity, so his thoughts must perish:

John 3:16 “For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.”

Do you understand that Mother had to give more than his vessel? A part of him had to literally die. The Son She gave was Her original Michael, and Her new Son is the Christ. Yet, they are the same spirit, but a price had to be paid; Christ had to lose something in the process; and Michael cannot remain split and continue for eternity.

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