Questions About the Holy Spirit

Mother Yahweh’s Active Force is like an arm on your own vessel. Unless you move it it is at rest. When you move it it becomes ACTIVE. If you pick something up then you are exerting FORCE. That is how our Mother works. Her Active Force is what put creation into motion. Her extension of Her Active Force is that of the angelic class. They are not only deputies, but they also keep things in balance within creation. Yahweh’s Presence, is either IMMEDIATE, or in REFLECTION. If Immediate, it is where She resides in Mind. That is at Mount Zion because Mother resides in a lofty high place. Her Reflection is seen in nature and all things that exist that are reflected by Her wisdom. A tree, fruit, water, earth, etc. All beneficial things reflect our Mother. Even the stars and planets visible to the human eye. Because we are all inside our Mother, that means She encompasses all things and is everywhere all at once. As Christ said, a sparrow does not perish that our Mother does not know it. That means Her eyes peer into all of Her creation constantly. Nothing goes unnoticed. Perhaps a pictorial look will add resonance to this theme. (Click to view slideshow)

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It just so happened that this theme posted was a refresher to the old timers, and served as indoctrination to a vast group of new holy ghosts that have become a part of the heavenly Orders. Much like your own Bible studies here on earth, the Orders of holy ghost are immersed in study themselves. Observers and guides often go back to heaven for refreshers. In this arrangement, the truth shines and nothing gets twisted by dim memories. Just keep in mind that there is a ladder of authority. Christ is on the top rung beneath Mother, and on the bottom rung, as not only the sacrifice, but also the foundation for which everything in creation is built upon. Sort of a sandwich effect.

Mother is like a shield that surrounds all things and keeps a watchful eye on Her inner body. The delegation of tasks given over to Her creations is so that they can share in Her glory at the outcome of this spiritual conflict. Mother could do it all Her self, but then there would be no testing to see who remains faithful. Just like She could have personally killed and severed the head of the giant Goliath, but She chose a proxy in place of Herself. And so that is how all of this works. Each bee in the hive has his or her own duties to fulfill to our Mother. She watches to see who will hold up against the evil in these end times. Satan is presently busy trying to calm down his world leaders so that they do not go to war, while Mother Yahweh is putting it in their hearts to war against one another. This is as it has been since the start of this war. But our Mother will see that the course of this war follows Her War Plan. Once the War Plan has run its course sometime after the Millennium, then the Divine Plan will become a reality of what our Mother originally planned out for all of Her creation.

Here’s what to remember on this topic of being enveloped within Christ:

Colossians 1:16-18 ” because by Him everything was created, in heaven and on earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and by Him all things hold together. He is also the head of the body, the church; He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He might come to have first place in everything.”

He is the beginning, in likeness to our Mother being the Alpha. Except that with Mother there is no beginning because She had no start in creation – she is creation, and as the Omega creation ends with Her body that contains it within. But with Christ, things were created within – through him, that meaning by his efforts, and so all was created for him Christ, by the then Michael who became the Anointed Christ Jesus, so all things hold together in creation because he was the bi-creator of all that exists, Mother excepted. He is the foundation stone because he is what creation was built off of. He was the first creation, and from him he built off of the same energy that he was created from. That binds that energy to his foundation stone that he represents. As the bi-creator his works span the entirety of creation. That places him at the bottom as the foundation stone all spawn forth from, all the way to the head of our Mother (not meaning he is head over Her) as at the Apex. Just like in the building of the Great Pyramid, he is set as the Cap Stone, and is the Chief Cornerstone that the Great Pyramid rests upon, because he encompasses the entirety of creation. If you understand this concept, then you can look at the Great Pyramid in comparison to creation. The Great Pyramid represents our Mother’s body, and Christ is firmly affixed as the Cap Stone in the spirit realm, and the very foundation that holds the Great Pyramid in its relative position and strength to endure through the ages. Like Christ, the Great Pyramid is not timeless, but had a start. Even so, like Christ, that Pyramid has endured through turbulent times and has not crumbled to the harsh elements. When you think of our Mother, you think of Her body as our reality, and this is truth. And so, when you think of Christ, think of him as the exact same thing, except that his body is within Her’s, but it closely follows the outline of our Mother’s in every detail. So, we are within two bodies. Mother’s as the one that covers Christ and all else, and She also exists beyond the interior, and Christ whom shields and covers us from within the interior, but he does not exist outside of Mother, so all things in creation are hinged by his body to Mother’s body, making them a unified part of creation in its overall make up. When he died, creation did not die, because Mother’s body preserved his body from corruption and reanimated his life so that what is hinged could not be torn apart ending our reality.

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