Revealing Intelligent Design: Yahweh’s Laws of Creation

Everything in our Mother’s creation is set up in an orderly fashion that is governed by laws. The laws of creation affect each side of the spectrum – that being the invisible and the visible. You know that some of the things seen in the visible are also connected to things in the invisible. For example, the Sun puts off both light that can be seen, and light that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a perfect example of the visible and the invisible working in unity. That star’s exact distance from the earth reveals intelligent placement, and not only that, but were it larger or smaller, it would not be beneficial in what it was designed for in relation to this planet. So, that also reveals intelligent design. And so with the spirit world there is much intelligent design and placement of laws that make the two realms work in harmony with one another. You know that if you boil water it will steam and evaporate into the air. This is a law of the visible realm. It is a concrete fact that you can depend on. You know that your very life depends on good health, avoidance of life threatening accidents, and being safe from violent acts against yourself by another person or animal that could cause your death. Though you’ve never personally experienced death, you know it’s real because you’ve lost loved ones and friends. You see it is a reality in this world on a daily basis. You recognize death as a law of the visible creation that respects no one and eventually befalls every person of every generation, and in so doing, you take daily measures to avoid being one of that laws casualties for as long as your time on earth can be extended. Now we move to the laws of the spirit realm.

In the spirit realm you come to realize that death is the turning off of energy. It is a reality – the law of death – that can happen on either side of the two realms. You come to realize that you are not invincible in the spirit realm. That spirits do die. But then you learn that the same law that applies to those that pass over – rebirth to life – is the same law that gives rebirth on the other side. It is then that you come to really understand that the Law-giver is the only source of life. From nothing but raw energy you came into existence. So without our Mother Yahweh, you know that no cohesion exists to remain in existence without Her life force maintaining our individual existence, but existing as part of a hive of workers. It is referred to as “Unification.” Working in unison. This is what the holy family is all about. It is best expressed in nature with the honey bees whom serve their Queen. The entire colony works in unity to keep the hive healthy and growing for the benefit of the group of that family of bees.

Like a beehive, the “flexi grid” is capable of bending easily without breaking, able to change or be changed to respond to different circumstances. Like when Michael and his Mother Yahweh responded to Satan’s challenge, and as things continued to change in the war, they altered the original Plan to respond to the ever changing circumstances. With the holy angels, the need for using them as messengers came into play on earth. Visions were borne out of need. Later, with the introduction of holy ghosts to the war effort, still more changes were needed in order to respond to the growing numbers on both sides of the chess board’s war. This required a network of spirits that could adhere to and effectively perform within the grid of communication relaying. This meant that a schooling must take place. From there the Holy Ghost Orders were borne. The schooling consisted of not only learning MORAL Laws, but also the SPIRITUAL PHYSICAL laws that govern the spirit realm. But the most important of the spiritual physical laws, was that of working like bees in a hive. To be and to remain unified. Without that unity, no result could be attained. It is often referred to as the “One Two Three effect.” Where Mother Yahweh is ONE, Christ is TWO, and the hive is THREE.

Psalm 118:12 “They surrounded me like bees; they were extinguished like a fire among thorns; in the name of the LORD I destroyed them.”

bee >noun 1 a stinging winged insect which collects nectar and pollen from flowers and produces wax and honey. 2 a meeting for communal work or amusement: a sewing bee.

-PHRASES the bee’s knees informal an outstandingly good person or thing. have a bee in one’s bonnet informal be obsessed with something.

-ORIGIN Old English.

A bee produces the things needed for the hive it belongs to, and works as a colony. And just as bees have a special way to communicate, so do the spirits.

” they can pattern their thoughts on to give visual representation and they can interlock with other matrices to cast larger images?” Yes. They form three size casts. Small, medium, and large.

“Would you say it was similar to a 3D hologram?” Yes, very much like that. If you walked over to where the vision was being cast, you would note that it is usually on a solid surface, or in water. When spirits cast, they often direct casts (like moving) around with their expanded energy within a room looking for the best light to cast in. If it is very dark, when your eyes adjust, you will note that the entire cast is in a reddish colored background. But as you continue to watch, the colors will come forth with only the red background remaining.

“Are the casts of objects really SOLID or is the illusion given that there solid? I mean, what fills the space under the cast?” It is an illusion as far as the casts go, but the energy is very real. When the holy angels are facing off with the demons they do a maneuver that preps them for conflict.. Both sides vibrate down to fight. Size is determined by location. Both sides can fight in different size settings. The war rules call for both sides to be equal in size, but often the demons form dragons and serpents that are humongous by grouping in clusters to fight the holy angels. If they do not vibrate down, then the casts are not solid, but this does not protect either side from harm by not being more solid. Spirit energy fills the space, and that casting energy is an extension of one or more spirits -just like your arms are – and it can be walked through in the visible realm, but would be a danger to either side if opposing energy came in contact with it on the other side. If someone threw an electrical line in a swimming pool and it did not ground out, but you entered the pool, what would happen? It would ground out to you and electrocute you to death. The electricity could not be seen in the water, yet the threat was real though unseen. In the spirit realm other spirits are not invisible to one another unless a spirit is cloaked. Being cloaked will not protect against coming in contact with opposing energy, it is merely a tactic to infiltrate.The process of vibrating down is for more than just the purpose of combat. It allows you to perform tasks and do other things. “what fills the space under the cast?” The energy you can see around you when spirits are present. It is spirit energy vibrating at a high rate of speed. But to understand all of this, you must understand that all things consist of energy. Intelligent energy moves about, or casts as though it is moving if stationary, but it reveals intelligence. If you were on the other side and looked at a power line, you could see the electricity moving through it, but that energy lacks intelligence. It is on a set course to do work, but it has no intelligence because it is like neutral or raw energy. It simply serves a purpose. It follows its law of movement through the wires to its destination. Intelligent energy has no confinement unless it is imprisoned or spent.

“I’ve never asked this question before, but how do angels communicate? Is it by telepathy or pictorial signals?” They can communicate both ways. However, a pictorial record is the basis for the Great Hall of Records. Anything done in creation, including what happens over here is recorded by holy ghosts in pictorial form. It can be a record for your good standing, or the evil one does, but whichever the case might be, it is all recorded. Like an old movie you thought you had forgotten and the watching of scenes brings it all back, that is how the pictorial record works. Those that are not forgiven are reminded of past conduct and what the outcome will eventually be if they do not accept Christ and our Mother into their hearts and abide by Her Way.

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