Satan’s True Intent

Satan’s true intent is to appear as what to all of creation? Not that of the Dragon or the original Serpent.

Isaiah 14:14 “I will ascend above the highest clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

Satan’s desire was to resemble Yahweh in all of Her ways. To resemble is to be like in every detail. But because Satan had become a resister to our Creator’s Sovereign Rule, he was painted as being dark, vile, and the opposite of Yahweh. But in reality, Satan still seeks to be like his Creator, but with freedom of untethered will, and the pursuit of his own version of happiness. Much like the USA – his prized and nurtured child that he is in a vicious fight to keep alive. Alive perhaps, but can he regain its health to what it once was? This is his present unwavering goal.

Dictionary: “resemble >verb have a similar appearance to or features in common with.

-ORIGIN Old French resembler, from Latin similare, from similis ‘like’.”

Satan is infuriated at his own child’s judicial system. If you think he loves criminals, watch as he moves against those that escape human punishment by unjust verdicts. Like Yahweh, Satan seeks a just empire – except that he wants to rule over his own family’s affairs. And this is another reason Yahweh made it difficult for him and other fallen angels by stripping them, of some of their powers. Had She not done that, they would cure all of mankind’s afflictions and the foundation of rule would not be that of Mount Zion’s pick – Christ Jesus.

Why is Yahweh revealing all of this now? It was always right before everyone’s eyes. but they did not perceive the truth of this matter. Yahweh blinded them until the end time.

So know this: Even if you were intent on a similar Kingdom like Yahweh’s, you could not accomplish it. This being true because Yahweh is the only Sovereign God in Her creation. No other God or creation can attain that height of Sovereign Rule except for Yahweh. Even Christ is subject to Her.

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