The Buffer Zone

“I thought I might share what I learned at a holy ghost schooling we just rehashed. It’s always a pleasure to go over old material for a refresher, so I’ll share this with all of you. It’s given for guides to share once the recipients are able to comprehend the messages if they are in need of the enlightenment. I have tailored it to this ministry for your own digestion.

The buffer effect of the human vessel with positive energy verses negative energy can be exampled with both electrical current, and magnets. Whereas you know two magnets of opposite poles are attracted to one another. But with alternating electrical current,the two coming in contact will arc, and if left together long enough they will ground each other out. This is called a short of electricity going to ground and nullifying each other out. When the ground out effect takes place, the current is shut off by the breaker tripping itself, or more aptly exampled with a fuse that burns itself out and must then be replaced. The same thing that occurs if a positive charge holy angel comes in contact with a negatively charged spirit for a long enough duration. How long is long enough? That can be exampled with a car battery. If you take a pair of jumper cables and attach one cable to the positive side of the battery, and then you take the other cable and attach it to the negative side of the battery nothing will happen, because they are separated by the two cables being apart from one another. But if you quickly brush one cable against the other, and it makes no difference which cable brushes the other first, you will get a definite arc if the battery is alive. If there is no arc, then the battery is spent, or more commonly termed as dead. Or if held for a few extra seconds the two opposing poled energy will ground each other out. But children, we will say out battery is alive and well. With this battery we have, we know like our Mother Yahweh that produces both poles of current that there is a design built within these types of batteries that insulates the two energies or flows of opposing current to remain separated from one another, and in being designed this way, they are able – both separate poles – to take in new current and recharge the battery back up to full capacity, provided the battery plates within are not damaged. In likeness, the opposing energies of the spirit world are separated by neutral free flowing energy unless they should come in contact with one another. But like the battery, both positive and negatively charged spirits come from one single Source, our Mother Yahweh. Therefore, the recharge they experience is by Her wisdom of design. This phenomena that exists with spirit energy in opposing poles, and the recharge effect, as well as the possibility of becoming spent energy, it is all part of the laws that exist within the spirit realm that affects spirits. The phenomena can be exampled because it is again mirrored in the visible fleshly realm of slower moving energy.

Now children let’s look at the magnet. With the magnet it will help to example the opposing energy buffer zone. With two magnets, if you lay them on a table and carefully push them towards one another, and they are of opposite polarity, they will come together and lock to one another. Unlike the electrically charge battery, the magnets do not ground out. This is partly due to the specific polarized energy of the magnets being housed in slow moving energy. The house is like a vessel that acts as an insulator against grounding out, even though it is metal. Then, if you push the same two magnets towards one another with the same polarity, they will now repel one another, but they still do not ground out. This being true even though the energies are electrical in nature. This phenomena is the laws that exist within the visible fleshly realm. Your human vessel is like that vessel that houses the magnet energy forces. Your body acts as a buffer. If you will look at a straight magnet, ask yourself this: “Where does the South or North pole begin and end in the magnet? We know it is in the middle. There in the middle is another law of our Mother’s that says a buffer must occur for the two energies to exist at the same time in the same vessel. So children, like the magnet, you are buffered. And like the “middle,” you are all in the middle of a spiritual war that consists of three energies: Positive, negative, and neutral. Raw energy feeds both the positive and the negative energies for renewed life. In this spiritual war, our Mother is above both positive and negative energy. Even above the neutral energy. So what is Mother Yahweh if She is neither of those three energies? She is the SOURCE that those law-energies come forth from. She is the pure energy that all other types of energy spawn forth from. That energy is what? And even our Mother has put Her own energy under Her laws. And this is why She too obeys them. The laws are a part of Her and are Her testament to creation that She exists. Without Her there would be no laws, and without laws there would be no formula for existence. Hence children, laws are the foundation for continued existence. A breakdown of Her laws bring Calamitous effects on every thing in creation, from the smallest microbe all the way to the last link of the chain, the RAW ENERGY that caused all of creation to come into existence.

This hopefully will give all of you a better understanding of the buffer zone that helps prevent your energies from becoming spent when you are subjected to two different poled energies at the same time from the spirit realm, and what our Mother really represents in the energy arena.”

– Joseph, Holy Ghost Observer

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