The Truth is This

“The only way the United States could be salvaged, is to become a Protectionist State. That move would eliminate all outside the borders of the Country. The U.S. possesses everything they need from within its own borders. The expansion policy to become intertwined with other nations in worldwide trade is what has caused a part of the United States internal breakdown. The other, is that of giving away the United States wealth in foreign aid, and becoming dependent upon fossil fuel outside its own borders. Yet, the United States never needed to become a spoke in a wheel of many spokes. The repeal of strict pollution laws – because in reality – a single volcano plumes out more pollution than all of the fossil fuel powered vehicles, and the so-called pollution factories such as the old steel mills that made America strong in its hay day. Bringing back what once worked was the real key to healing the United States. But the United States government over the past years has been motivated by greed and power – power to control the other nations by either feeding them money, or the threat of nuclear destruction or military action. If mankind followed natures cycles, volcanoes would not produce something contrary to mankind’s needs. What is considered as pollution to the present day structure of Society on earth would be beneficial, because it is part of the natural cycle. But mankind has altered its path from the original Divine Plan. Satan’s quest to satellite the United States democracy around the globe has backfired, and now even the liberty of the United States is at stake. Satan has proven his inability to buy off or threaten nations into submission. This is the end result of Satan and mankind trying to guide their own footsteps.

However, the truth is this: The world is destined for a one-world currency – one world rule. What that foreshadows is this: When this system of Satan’s is done away with, you that survive will have those things under the Righteous Rule of Christ Jesus and our Mother Israel. Satan will have his one try at making things work in a distorted mirrored reflection of what is soon to become a reality outside of his influence, because try as he might, no matter how diligent or hard he might, he will fail, and mankind cannot survive even itself without our Mother’s beneficial guidance. Don’t cling to what is destined to pass away. Look to the Kingdom of Christ Jesus. If you do, know that your desires – worldly desires – must change to reflect a new inheritance. “1 John 2:17 And the world with its lust is passing away, but the one who does God’s will remains forever.” What is the “lust”? It is for wealth, immoral sex, and a list of other things that are also contrary to what benefits your true existence that could be in harmony with our Mother’s Coming Divine Plan of the Ages and on into eternity. Will you be there – because the hourglass has almost emptied – or will you be a casualty of Satan’s dying world?” – Archangel Michael

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