We Are Deep Within the Nucleus of a Spiral Existence

We are deep within the nucleus of a spiral existence.

Dictionary: spiral >adjective winding in a continuous curve around a central point or axis. >noun

1 a spiral curve, shape, or pattern. 2 a progressive rise or fall of prices, wages, etc., each responding to an upward or downward stimulus provided by a previous one. 3 a process of progressive deterioration. >verb (spiraled, spiraling; Brit. spiralled, spiralling) 1 take or cause to follow a spiral course. 2 show a continuous and dramatic increase or decrease.

-DERIVATIVES spirally >adverb.

-ORIGIN Latin spiralis, from Greek speira ‘a coil’.

A pattern was set early on by one single God that came into existence by means of the spiral – the wheel of all life. A reality was perfected. The other Gods used it as a guide, but were permitted to be flexible and experiment.

It can be said that the God’s have no beginning and no ending because they were spawned forth from the Spiral intelligence that revolves in a never ending circle. Since the Gods exist within the Spiral, they revolve at an “8 Cycle” instead of a circular motion, permitting each of them to harness and create time within realities. But outside in the Eternity they were spawned forth within, there is no time because the Spiral is a continuous revolution that creates its own energy by movement that is perpetual in its motion..

When the Gods came into existence, the Spiral’s revolution passed the earlier point they came forth from, and that point is lost in the cycle of the Spiral, so the point is then part of a continuous cycle of the Spiral and has no reference point. Therefore the Gods are without a beginning or end. Do you understand the concept of this children?

The earth does not revolve in a perfect circle around the Sun, and the Gods do not revolve in a perfect circle within the Spiral. In this way, they travel in an 8 revolution that permits them freedom to create their own realities that move in a never ending cycle back to each of them. In this way, they work in a fashion similar to the Spiral that is the life force of the Gods – what sustains their lives and gives them power by the energy it imparts.

By position within the Spiral, comes the most powerful Gods. Lady Aveena was the first, and so She is the most powerful.

What has no beginning and no end? Do you understand the concept children?

The 8 is what? Two circles. One above the other and interconnected. This represents those spawned off the Spiral.

The 8’s are spawned off the circle – yet they are interconnected to the Spiral.

Now do you understand why everything is moving? Even in our own reality – in a circular motion.

Is the Spiral an intelligence? Yes it is.

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