What is Death?

There are laws, even in the spirit realm that must be adhered to. You, as a human, you are well aware that the probability of death hangs with you on a daily basis. Right? You could step off a curb and be run over by a vehicle. Or you might be killed by a criminal. A heart attack, or even a slow lingering death from a sickness might over take you. Death is something that over takes people and spirits. Death is not something planned to happen, unless in the case of the Sacrifice, but that has passed and is now a recorded event for eternity. But even before Christ’s death on the Cross of Salvation, he could have been killed had Mother not been nurturing and protecting him up to the appointed time of his planned death. And so, you see from that that our Mother is not protecting anyone exactly like She protected Jesus during that period of time, and even since then, because that is why he’s at Her side. She offers him complete protection. You, me, and all of the rest of us that serve Mother are not at Her side. We instead, are given a spiritual suit of armor, but it wraps us in mercy, truth, and the knowledge that She will awaken us again if we fall asleep in death. The holy angels also wear a suit of armor that reflects the ability to be under protection, but not invincible. This is because the armor is a cast and not something that offers protection from the first death. It is intended to give complete coverage all the way around, but not to be invincible as the energy tests its strength in battle while probing for weaknesses. Just like they do all of you ministers whom wear the Armor of our Mother and come under Her Shield of limited protection. Even your Shields must remain on vigil of the impending threat of attack. The enemy always probes for weakness. So what is death? It is two things: 1. It is Adamic Offspring death, which is SLEEP. If it were not sleep, we could not be awoke from that state or condition of unconsciousness. But since we can, it is merely called “sleeping.” Therefore, it holds no sting over us….

“sting >noun 1 a small sharp-pointed organ of an insect, capable of inflicting a painful wound by injecting poison. 2 any of a number of minute hairs on certain plants, causing inflammation if touched. 3 a wound from a sting. 4 a sharp tingling sensation or hurtful effect. 5 informal a carefully planned undercover operation. >verb (past and past part. stung) 1 wound with a sting. 2 produce a stinging sensation. 3 hurt; upset. 4 (sting into) provoke (someone) to do (something) by causing annoyance or offense. 5 informal swindle or exorbitantly overcharge.
-PHRASES sting in the tail an unexpected and unpleasant end to something.
-DERIVATIVES stinger >noun.
-ORIGIN Old English.”

That death does not incur our Mother to subject the dying offspring of Adam to a sentence that is 4 Squared by Adamic or Satanic OFFENSE of fallen perfection which carries the Second Death as the penalty. Instead, Mother views us as in a state of….

“sleep >noun 1 a regularly recurring condition of body and mind in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended. 2 a gummy secretion found in the corners of the eyes after sleep. >verb (past and past part. slept) 1 be asleep. 2 (sleep off) recover from (something) by going to sleep. 3 (sleep in) remain asleep or in bed later than usual in the morning. 4 provide (a specified number of people) with beds or bedrooms. 5 (sleep with) have sexual intercourse or be involved in a sexual relationship with. 6 (sleep around) have many casual sexual partners.
-PHRASES let sleeping dogs lie proverb avoid interfering in a situation that is currently causing no problems but may well do so as a result of such interference. put to sleep kill (an animal) painlessly.
-DERIVATIVES sleepless >adjective.
-ORIGIN Old English.”

You “(sleep off) recover from (something) by going to sleep.” recover from something that happened to you, for whatever reason. Mother awakens you through reanimation, just like she did Christ. The first death holds no restriction by law from being awoke from that unconscious state, unless you remain under law, which is what humankind in general is under if they do not come in under the mercy offered by Christ at the time the door of the opportune time is closed.That law encompasses the declaration given by Mother Yahweh concerning the Judgment of eternal death, which converts the first death to the second death, because once they die, they cannot – under Her law – be reanimated back to life. They did not come under the offer of the Sacrifice. A Sacrifice is an OFFERING,therefore, without acceptance of, and being accepted by the Maker of the OFFERING, you perish for eternity. But for those in acceptance of the Sacrifice, and whom are approved, the first death is a state of unconsciousness and is viewed as sleeping. So the first death is not considered a true state of death. This is because, under law, and law is important, because even though you are not presently under law – you are under Mother’s mercy offering (Christ being what is offered on the Sacrificial Seat of Mercy) mercy and provision thereby offered through the mercy – Mother is what provided for the mercy and the law provided or stipulated the provision that took us all out from under law if we are Adamic offspring and certain conditions are met that permits us to be freed from the penalty of eternal death. The mercy and provision do not apply to angels, nor does it apply to those Adamic offspring not found favorable for continued existence in this creation of our Mother’s.Those that perished during the Great Flood are the example of being executed under the eternal death sentence.

Now we move on to the LAW that governs the Spiritual War. You have little or no knowledge of this child, just as little knowledge was given about the “why or what for” of the testing of Mother’s faithful servant Job. But, Mother,Satan, and everyone in the spirit realm was aware of what was governing that test. It was and is the RULES OF WAR set up by Mother under PROVISIONAL LAW that states, Satan has rights in this war. His angels and his converts have rights in this war. On the flip side, the holy angels and holy ghosts, as well as deceased people passing over to the other side, and astral projectors are all under the War Scroll Provision that was set up by our Mother that constitutes the Rules and consequences of what goes in the spiritual war being fought. Because that part of the spiritual war does not normally apply to Adam’s offspring, it was omitted from the written Word given mankind, because for one thing, it is a Provisional State of Application (things that occur between the two opposing forces) that must be scrutinized and ruled upon by a High Council that was established by our Mother out of fairness to both sides of this conflict. In a war, there has to be places that the opposing side can make their plans in private, or there is no privacy. That would be like playing poker and keeping your cards out for everyone to see on a continuous basis. Everyone would always know what hand you were about to 0play. So, Satan is given privacy to scheme and plot out his side of the war effort. When infractions of rules occur by either side, then a score card which is kept for each side by the High Council, is marked according to conduct by each side as complaints are lodged. When Satan gets a high score, he is given back or else permitted to add additional safe zones on this planet, and he might also have troops that were killed and not reanimated. so he is then able to trade off for what he needs. He can request reanimation’s of fallen troops piled in the heap at the Orange Plane, or he can even request more mamres or whatever he is permitted in the Provision laid out in how the spiritual war is fought. In order for the spiritual war to not be one-sided, Michael was also required to put his own life on the line, just like all of the other holy angels that serve in the war effort. So, just a sleeping represents the state of first death….

Matthew 9:24 “Leave,” He said, “because the girl isn’t dead, but sleeping.” And they started laughing at Him.”

Sleeping is viewed as the state our fallen holy warriors and deputies are viewed as being in – awaiting their reanimation’s by Mother – unless, they do not remain faithful. At the time they die, they must have remained faithful to Mother’s throne, or they will not be reanimated. That to is part of the Provisional Law that governs this spiritual war between the two opposing forces. Satan;s forces also receive reanimation under the Provision, that states that Mother Yahweh is the One that weighs the validity of any and all reanimation by both sides of this waging conflict. In other words, if She decides that some demons do not deserve reanimation, then they have met the second death early on. There are also stipulations of the Provisional Law that affects the converts that willfully take part in the war effort to help Satan’s side.And it stair steps all the way down to everyone and everything that lives and breathes, just like it did the animal kingdom during the Israelites time of favor with our Mother. Certain offenses resulted in animals being executed along with the offending people.

Leviticus 20:16 “If a woman comes near any animal and mates with it, you are to kill the woman and the animal. They must be put to death; their [own] blood is on them.”

The same pattern was set in the pre-flood era, because Mother considered the Nephilim offspring as animalistic in Her Order of things. To reveal that the Nephilim were in comparison to the animal kingdom in Her sight (not worthy of the same consideration she had given to all of the humans on the earth at that time, offering salvation via the Ark, except for the humans that had cohabited with the fallen angels and the women that married the Nephilim offspring, those reflected animals, so She also executed the animals left off the Ark of Salvation along with the brute-beasts spawned forth by the fallen angel and human cohabitation’s. Except that Mother preserved the souls of the animals that perished during the flood (in her memory), because they are of Her family and not of Satan’s like the Nephilim were. And just as Michael and others have perished, they also have been preserved and reanimated, because though they can suffer death, it cannot hold them within its clutches if they have endured and remained faithful to the end. So child, the reanimation of those fallen in battles with the demons, they serve as an example – just like those of the animal kingdom in the pre-flood era that were killed during that flood, and they had not sinned – so that those whom are watching will see that Mother does not forget those that remain faithful to Her throne of Authority and serve in the war effort to fight for and maintain Her right to govern without evil intervention rearing its head in the future. And that child is why Michael could be killed.

Jeremiah 15:3 “I will ordain four kinds [of judgment] for them”—[this is] the LORD’s declaration—”the sword to kill, the dogs to drag away, and the birds of the sky and the wild animals of the land to devour and destroy.”

Justice SQUARED X 4. This also reveals that everything, including the animal kingdom is involved in this war that ravages throughout the creation. It also gives insight that just as our Mother can met out four kinds of Judgment, She can also PROVIDE for, or institute PROVISIONAL LAW that is set into motion for a specific purpose.

Amos 9:1 “[ Fifth Vision: The LORD beside the Altar ] I saw the LORD standing beside the altar, and He said: Strike the capitals of the pillars so that the thresholds shake; knock them down on the heads of all the people. Then I will kill the rest of them with the sword. None of those who flee will get away; none of their fugitives will escape.”

The coming Great Earthquake will rock the earth off its very foundation, and buildings will crumble down upon the masses that live within them. Those not killed will not be wiped out with mere words, instead they will be killed with the swords of the materialized angelic warriors. Though they try to run away and seek cover, just like Adam and Eve sought to hide, they will be searched for with no stone left unturned until all are put to the sword. For them, it will be the Second Death delivered by Judgment of the Two-Edged Sword that brings eternal death on one edge.

Matthew 10:28 “Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill” the soul; rather, fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. ”

So you see, Mother does not promise you cannot die the first death, but in this Scriptures meaning, also warns of a Second Death that can destroy your prospective hope for eternal life. Michael and the other holy angels are under the same Provision that says “Evil can kill the body.” But they are also promised just like the faithful humans, that they must be on guard against losing more than their mere vessels of moment to moment life. If interrupted, those lives and new vessels are reanimated from the sleep of the first death. Therefore, the first death holds no sting.

Exodus 23:7 “Stay far away from a false accusation. Do not kill the innocent and the just, because I will not justify the guilty.”

Mercy with Provision must have justification for permitting by Provisional standing, that of Mercy being shown. Satan is the false accuser. So all that follow his path are not able to be justified to come under the Provision laid out for those that seek truth with a clean heart. To clean your heart you must confess your sins to Mother through Christ Jesus, or no cleansing takes place. Confessing through our Savior is the same as straining your own blood through his. The impurities are symbolically removed.

Hosea 13:14 “I will ransom them from the power of Sheol. I will redeem them from death. Death, where are your barbs? Sheol, where is your sting? Compassion is hidden from My eyes.”

If you get into barbed wire or sticker vines, they hold you fast, but the first death cannot hold you, Michael, or any of us if Mother says it can not.

1 Corinthians 15:56 “Now the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.”

Without Ransom,no mercy is shown, and sin remains. That squares to 4 which brings justice under law, and not mercy under provision, which is numbered as 3, or a unified effort to save a remnant of sheep that worship in truth and follow the Way. Do you understand that 3 is a remnant of 4 minus 1, which is minus LAW. That is what the Provision provided. To minus one from the 4 Square, which was the Sin that was paid for by Christ. So when you add the 1 that gave his precious blood, you find that the Provision covers the Law requiring that Justice be 4 squared for entitlement into Christ’s Kingdom. Otherwise, you remain out from under the Provisional Mercy.

1 Corinthians 15:55 “O Death, where is your victory? O Death, where is your sting?”

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