Why is it necessary for Yahweh to save the physical remnant from Satan’s hand?

If Satan killed your human vessel at the time of rapture, couldn’t Yahweh simply reanimate all of those that Satan killed?

If Yahweh did that, then nothing would have really been at stake. Satan would be trying to kill the remnant in a vain attempt, or if successful at elimination on his part, what would he gain? The stakes are high. If successful against any group being of rapture, that person killed or group of people killed would be forfeited by Yahweh’s side to the pit of oblivion. So you see, something is really at stake – YOUR LIVES – and diligently pray that you are DELIVERED FROM EVIL – by the hand of Yahweh. Literally.

As a final note on this subject, you must be killed as a result of Satan’s interference in a rapture attempt by the holy side, and not as a result of accidental or intended death by a third party in order to be forfeited to eternal death. Satan would be considered as having turned the hand of Yahweh from doing Her Will.

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