Yahweh is Nature

Know this: YAHWEH IS NATURE. Nature is Her internal makeup. Who can overcome our Mother when She is in turmoil? NO ONE! She will spew Her enemies out Her mouth. So sisters and brothers, consider this: Are we LOZ working alone, or side by side with our Mother? She is the NATURE many have come to fear – in storm clouds – sea waves – heat – and all that is befalling mankind.

The things mankind has built will be brought asunder. Yahweh will not leave one stone upon another until Satan’s worldwide empire is crushed under Her feet.

Leviticus 26:31 “I will reduce your cities to ruins and devastate your sanctuaries. I will not smell the pleasing aroma of your [sacrifices].”

What has been will be again. It is happening now.

Deuteronomy 9:3 “But understand that today the LORD your God will cross over ahead of you as a consuming fire; He will devastate and subdue them before you. You will drive them out and destroy them swiftly, as the LORD has told you.”

Yahweh is helping devastate mankind, and we are here to drive them out of creation by means of execution to the pit of eternal death. When the time arrives for the cup of wrath to be administered, we will swiftly and efficiently destroy all of our Mother’s enemies.

Choose your side. Receive the mark your heart desires. But know that the LOZ are here, and we are not going away until we cleanse creation of all evil.

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