Yahweh: The Great Recycler

Mother is composed of Spirit and is composed of dynamic raw energy that’s unblemished in its natural form, and is the Great Recycler of spent energy. All energy is a commodity that is expendable, except that in Mother’s own case, the energy is always being renewed. Or better put, an ongoing cycle of revolutions that move in a never ending circle. Out comes the raw, in goes the spent.

Proverbs 31:3 “Don’t spend your energy on women or your efforts on those who destroy kings.”

Energy and effort goes hand in hand. The renewal of energy on the visible fleshly plane is fed by slow moving energy, such as:

1 Samuel 14:27 “However, Jonathan had not heard his father make the troops swear the oath. He reached out with the end of the staff he was carrying and dipped it into the honeycomb. When he ate the honey, he had renewed energy.”

Everything comes from Mother. What we ingest, it is for sustainability. What we excrete, or burn off, it is returned to Her. From Her raw nature that is visible, and all the way on its return trip to be refurbished by Her, She makes all things new.

Deuteronomy 32:2 “Let my teaching fall like rain and my word settle like dew, like gentle rain on new grass and showers on tender plants.”

In addition, She waters Her children with “gentle rain” and Her “word” of truth clings to those of good heart like a morning dew that is seen on grass and plants. When those plants and grass die, who regenerates them back to life through their seedlings left behind? We know Mother is Nature, because She told Cain the ground would not reproduce for him any longer. She said at Genesis 4:12 “If you work the land, it will never again give you its yield.”

So children, was it a terrible thing that Moses broke those stone tablets containing Mother’s Laws? Or, was there a Purpose behind that action?

Moses represented the coming Jesus Christ who reflects our Mother in every way. When Moses revealed anger, it was at the evil he saw in his midst with that golden calf. Worshiping a false god. Committing sin. So the broken tablets represented that Mother would eventually shatter Her laws in lieu of mercy through the body of the one all creation began with. That She would replace them with provisional mercy, because a provision does exist in order to be acceptable for mercy to live. But the provision is only for a time. So, when Moses was re-given the law on new tablets in the wilderness that represents the earth after Armageddon, and symbolizes that during the Millennium the laws will be in effect under a new provision, and all will be expected to follow them without willful transgression. But mercy will be blended with those laws for a time. However children, those that steer off from the law, they will eventually perish, even during the Millennium. Mother’s anger will have subsided for a peaceful period of time. A time to teach and nurture Her children. She will show patience just as Christ also will be there to act as a wonderful counselor and a mediator for those that are struggling to adhere to the laws without willfully sinning. The apostle Paul brought old worldly baggage with him, (he had experienced the world in general and exotic women of his time) and it will be the same for all that survive into the New Order of Christ Jesus. Over there, you will have to unpack any baggage and discard the old for the new. A love for some of what was left behind, whether it be movies, or worldly music, or whatever, it will all be gone. But the mind, like Eve’s, it might long for a thing that is supposed to be out of reach because of law. It could even involve the loss of a loved one. Just because people are slated for destruction does not mean they were any less loved. The realization they did not survive, it can cause the heart to harbor resentment towards the One that marked them for destruction. So, you must all be vigil in accepting whatever comes forth in the settlement of this debt owed by mankind.

Now let’s look at the Spirit part of our Mother. Since Mother cannot die, She is more than Spirit. She is also the raw energy that powers and sustains all things in existence. And because She recycles, nothing is lost. She is perpetual in Her own makeup. Lacking nothing. From raw energy, all things came into existence. From the Spirit part of Her, Her characteristics, quality She possesses in the kind of God Her mind-set reveals, and even Her moods that consist of anger, happiness, laughter, sadness, grieving, and so on, reveal our own emotions are derived from Mother Yahweh’s storehouse of imparted life to Her creation. We are our Mother’s gene-line reestablished unless we mutate away from Her original internal Self.


spirit >noun 1 a person’s non-physical being, composed of their character and emotions. 2 this regarded as surviving after the death of the body, often manifested as a ghost. 3 a supernatural being. 4 the prevailing or typical character, quality, or mood: the nation’s egalitarian spirit. 5 (spirits) a person’s mood. 6 courage, energy, and determination. 7 the real meaning or intention of something as opposed to its strict verbal interpretation. 8 chiefly Brit. strong distilled liquor such as rum. 9 a volatile liquid, especially a fuel, prepared by distillation. >verb (spirited, spiriting) (spirit away) convey rapidly and secretly.

-PHRASES in spirit in thought or intention though not physically. when the spirit moves someone when someone feels inclined to do something.

-ORIGIN Latin spiritus ‘breath, spirit’, from spirare ‘breathe’.

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