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The Sovereign Investor

“And in other news, Europe is a mess! Wednesday, the Swiss National Bank announced it would exclude Irish gov’t securities going forward, and Eric Roseman revealed the big opportunity for investors. But, good news for Spain – China has agreed… to buy … Continue reading

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Position of the Azmon Barrier

Dawn and his demons are sealed off within the Azmon Barrier; if you astral project, you can easily find the barrier if you go out beyond this planet; the gateways we (the holy side) are permitted to pass through appear … Continue reading

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Time of Kingdom’s Establishment Marked in the Word

This world’s woes confirm the kingdom’s establishment in the heavenly Zion. Christ was to begin rule a midst his enemies. It is a woe to the earth for a short time, marking the end time of the last days. Psalm 110:1, … Continue reading

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