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Is The Universe a Big Hologram?

First let’s see what they define as being “hologram.” Dictionary: “hologram >noun 1 a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. 2 a photograph of an interference pattern which, when … Continue reading

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Yahweh: The Great Recycler

Mother is composed of Spirit and is composed of dynamic raw energy that’s unblemished in its natural form, and is the Great Recycler of spent energy. All energy is a commodity that is expendable, except that in Mother’s own case, … Continue reading

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The Buffer Zone

“I thought I might share what I learned at a holy ghost schooling we just rehashed. It’s always a pleasure to go over old material for a refresher, so I’ll share this with all of you. It’s given for guides … Continue reading

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Are the New Jerusalem and Mt. Zion Mentioned in Scripture Only Symbolic?

The answer is no, not symbolic. Just as in the early times of the Israelite release from captivity, Father had them create things that already existed in Heaven. So when you think of Heaven, think of the entire expanse where … Continue reading

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Transformation via Father’s Intervention

When anyone leaves this visible world they leave everything behind but their celestial energy which is transformed into a spirit life on the other side. Your celestial energy is within your fleshly makeup, but if Father did not permit  transformation … Continue reading

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Enlightenment on the Splitting of Energy

But before I give you that, consider: Luke 4:23 “Then He said to them, “No doubt you will quote this proverb to Me: ‘Doctor, heal yourself.’ ‘All we’ve heard that took place in Capernaum, do here in Your hometown also.’” Undoubtedly … Continue reading

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Spirit is Energy

“Come to understand that spirit is energy. Energy does not have life force if is not animated and replenished by life sustaining energy in the form Father provided as the waters of life. There is a difference in spirits. There … Continue reading

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