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We Are Deep Within the Nucleus of a Spiral Existence

We are deep within the nucleus of a spiral existence. Dictionary: spiral >adjective winding in a continuous curve around a central point or axis. >noun 1 a spiral curve, shape, or pattern. 2 a progressive rise or fall of prices, … Continue reading

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Is The Universe a Big Hologram?

First let’s see what they define as being “hologram.” Dictionary: “hologram >noun 1 a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. 2 a photograph of an interference pattern which, when … Continue reading

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Christian Conduct

The conduct of Christians is the path to eternal life. Grasping the understanding that your conduct is not merely a belief but is the Way of life expected of Yahweh’s children to bring eternal bliss to creation. It is a … Continue reading

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Everything is Encoded Within Creation

You look up into the night time sky and see light coming forth from the expanse. The dark expanse is likened to Eternity. But from the dark comes forth light. As the stars are many and some are greater than … Continue reading

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Father’s Own Emotional Makeup

In the past, you’ve learned that our Creator stands in darkness as a flaming light among other God’s like Herself; but, and before the creation of Her first-born Son Michael, Father was alone within; in other words, She resided, and … Continue reading

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Understanding Eternity

This can be used for those that argue the Trinity as well because Christ (The Word) was created INTO Eternity therefore he is also Eternal but His Father has always been Eternal. Eternity by definition is indefinite and unending. It … Continue reading

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