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Using Evil to Combat Evil

To bring evil down upon any intelligent creation, is to use evil to combat evil. Evil is a two edged sword. One side of evil is clarified in the dictionary: Dictionary: “evil >adjective 1 deeply immoral and malevolent. 2 embodying … Continue reading

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Spoken Declarations Can Condemn or Save

People condemn themselves by their own tongues and actions that reveal what their hearts are filled with. When they speak abusively they speak in accordance to the free will they possess. Spoken declarations can either condemn or save a soul … Continue reading

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Why is it necessary for Yahweh to save the physical remnant from Satan’s hand?

If Satan killed your human vessel at the time of rapture, couldn’t Yahweh simply reanimate all of those that Satan killed? If Yahweh did that, then nothing would have really been at stake. Satan would be trying to kill the … Continue reading

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Vengeance is Yahweh’s

If evil is recognized easily, then Satan would not have truly wanted resemble his Creator, Yahweh. It would (evil) be like it is portrayed in books and movies. But this is not the case, because true evil started with Satan … Continue reading

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We are Surrounded by the evidence that Dawn Lucifer was a traitor

We are surrounded by the evidence that Dawn Lucifer was a traitor, and sought to defy Israel because he did not believe She would take on Her male attribute of Yahweh the Warrior to square the sinful conduct perpetrated against Her Royal … Continue reading

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Mankind Has Proved Itself to be in Satan’s Image

Seraiah’s back and is serving as a destroyer angel. Look to the skies and the waters and the new curse being brought upon this planet as he brings calamity in revoking Yahweh’s previous commandment concerning this: Genesis 1:26 “Then God said…, “Let … Continue reading

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The EU Will Become the Image of The Beast

Revelation 13:12-20 “He exercises all the authority of the first beast on his behalf and compels the earth and those who live on it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. He also performs great signs, even … Continue reading

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