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Is Yahweh in the Process of Creating Dead Zones?

Is Yahweh in the process of creating dead zones? Making the earth uninhabitable in a step by step process? And, are underground mining operations risking the lives of miners as the earth continues to shift and crack across the globe, making future … Continue reading

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Are Americans the slaves to U.S. Government special interest payouts?

The U.S. Government proposes to cut federal monetary assistance at a time that millions of its citizens are out of work, and during the worst winter ever recorded. Yet children, it is business as usual for those special interest payouts that is … Continue reading

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All of Mankind is Cursed Except for the Remnant

Mother is using this ministry to bring forth Her prophecy. There is a reason people will blaspheme Her. It is this ministry’s duty to drop the spiritual hailstones that are a wake up call. The physical enormous hailstones follow our … Continue reading

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Questions About the Holy Spirit

Mother Yahweh’s Active Force is like an arm on your own vessel. Unless you move it it is at rest. When you move it it becomes ACTIVE. If you pick something up then you are exerting FORCE. That is how … Continue reading

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Enlightenment on Past Lifeforms

“I’ve spent a great deal of time studying at the repository about past lifeforms, I’ll share a tad more with all of you. Study revealed that some of the planets made mankind’s caveman look modern. This is because Father was in … Continue reading

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Is Satan the True Benefactor of his Human Family?

Though by default mankind is within Satan’s family, is it Satan that causes the infirmities that plague humans? Is it reasonable to believe Satan works against himself, or is the enmity Yahweh has with the human offspring of Adam and Eve what … Continue reading

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Why Yahweh has slated the fall of the United States, Satan’s present throne

[ The Coming of the Son of Man ] “Then there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars; and there will be anguish on the earth among nations bewildered by the roaring sea and waves.” You’ve seen the signs … Continue reading

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