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World Changing Events Taking Place

How powerful is the leader of this world’s affairs? Christ Jesus noted that Satan the Devil is the ruler of this world. He is the force whom people of every nation are being misguided by his unseen presence, to obey his … Continue reading

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Make Sure of All Things – Hold Fast to What is Fine

The Word from Father says to not despise prophecies; to test all things and to hold on to what is good (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21) But, how do you come to an accurate knowledge to make sure of all things so that … Continue reading

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Interpretation of Prophecy

A strengthened and intensified form of her-me-neu’0 is “di-er-me-neu’o ” signifying to explain fully, to interpret fully, and is used either in reference to translating languages, or interpreting Prophecy; but either way, the sense meant, is to do so fully. “Di-er-me-neu’o” … Continue reading

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The Truth on The Mark of the Beast

Get ready for what’s just ahead. Over the coming months, rationing of food, fuel, electricity, heating oil, etc., is all going to have to be purchased with a special I.D. This will be instituted worldwide, because the new germs are … Continue reading

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