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Are Demons Evil, or are They Just Trying to Survive?

Seraiah and Michael say that being evil is by definition that you are in opposition of Yahweh’s authority. Mankind in general is then considered evil. Do they feel evil, or are they just trying to survive a bad situation? Can … Continue reading

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The Beehive of Creation

What do the united civilizations of creation out in the vast expanse of Space do to serve Yahweh’s Throne? Presently, that duty falls under the work load of the Celestial Order of angels for planet preparation, and the Orders that serve as … Continue reading

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The Spiritual War, UFO’s, Aliens & Satan’s Deceptions

Both sides (the Holy Side and Satan’s Side) in this Spiritual War have space crafts; ours (The Holy Side’s) has been monitoring and placing markers, as well as interfering in the nuclear programs of several countries; we have caused missile … Continue reading

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