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Some of the Things Taught to Holy Ghosts

“One of the things taught to holy ghosts is this. How to form casts. Now children this is not to be confused with casting a vision which is also taught to the consortium making up the holy ghost Orders. The … Continue reading

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When Did Yahweh Seal the Ark’s Door?

Genesis 7:1-21 Entering the Ark 1 Then the LORD said to Noah, “Enter the ark, you and all your household, for I have seen that you [alone] are righteous before Me in this generation. 2 You are to take with you seven … Continue reading

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Is the Rapture a Feasible Belief?

The Word points out that all things recorded from past times are an example for others to learn from. The pre flood day of Noah was followed by an ark of salvation to carry them high above the deep waters … Continue reading

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