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What Sex Will the Antichrist Come Forth As?

Satan – he is presently trying to resemble our Mother Israel as Warrior Class Yahweh. But Satan is so consumed with being like our Creator in all things, and because he does not consider himself as being evil, he will soon take … Continue reading

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Are Americans the slaves to U.S. Government special interest payouts?

The U.S. Government proposes to cut federal monetary assistance at a time that millions of its citizens are out of work, and during the worst winter ever recorded. Yet children, it is business as usual for those special interest payouts that is … Continue reading

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The United States Flag

What does this flag really represent? Does Christ Jesus fly this flag? Wikipedia: The national flag of the United States of America (the “American flag”) consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a … Continue reading

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Ramat Ha’Golan: So beautiful. So strategic.

One piece of the region’s jigsaw puzzle blossoms, its natives stateless but, with all, hoping for peace. In this disputed land, secluded waterfalls are bound by minefields, flower-filled hills are etched by tank treads, and dairy farms border live-fire zones, close enough … Continue reading

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Using Evil to Combat Evil

To bring evil down upon any intelligent creation, is to use evil to combat evil. Evil is a two edged sword. One side of evil is clarified in the dictionary: Dictionary: “evil >adjective 1 deeply immoral and malevolent. 2 embodying … Continue reading

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Spoken Declarations Can Condemn or Save

People condemn themselves by their own tongues and actions that reveal what their hearts are filled with. When they speak abusively they speak in accordance to the free will they possess. Spoken declarations can either condemn or save a soul … Continue reading

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Converts. Who Are They?

To die, and be reborn gives one a second chance at life, albeit in very different environment and is exactly why they were reanimated to the other side. Over there, many passing to that side never had heard the truth. … Continue reading

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